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Left WHFB around 6th edition, now getting back and struggling to pick an army for AoS


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Hi everyone, and hello from the Netherlands (well, I'm Danish, but residing in the NL)

As the title says: I have not been doing anything Warhammery for years. Back in November, I picked up some 40K miniatures. And while I very much enjoy 40K and plan on expanding my collection, I also feel very drawn to Warhammer Fantasy... or Age of Sigmar as I then learned it is called now.

I am still very fresh to the lore, world, orders, rules and factions in AOS, and there are definitely a few things I find confusing. But personally, I enjoy the setting so far. And I am looking forward to see what GW does with 3.0 soon. 


As any good hobbyist, I am struggling to settle for an army. I was hoping you guys could give me some inputs, to either have me confirm my thoughts, or give factions I ruled out another look.

I have never played the game, but through rules, reading and battle reports I have a decent idea of how it works, although I have a lot to learn. So letting you know exactly how I want to play is a bit tricky, but I have a few pointers:

I am leaning towards a more melee-focused army, although I don't want a one-trick pony (think something like a 70/30 approach)

I would like a decent magic army - simply because I find it cool

I have ruled out Skaven and Seraphon, as 'way back then' I collected about 3.000 points of Skaven and 3.000 points of Lizardmen and I'm not planning on starting over.

I get that in competitive lists people lean towards taking a lot of the good units, at the cost of diversity. At least that's the impression I get when looking at lists. I would love to have an army that actually have a few units and playstyles to choose from. Both because I don't want to paint 200 Night Goblins or Chainwasps, but also because I find it more interesting from a list-building perspective.

Now. I am 100% in favor of the 'what looks cool' approach. What I struggle a little bit with, and find confusing sometimes when looking around is that some armies seem to have every little variation?

Example: I adore the Sylvaneth Kurdore Hunters - but I feel like the Sylvaneth faction as a whole has very limited units to choose from, if you remove the special characters? Same issue with Fyreslayers. While their monsters are cool, the rest seems to be very little variation of the same dwarf. As with Cities of Sigmar I am so... so confused as to what they can take and how their armies ar build. Looking at GWs site they have loads of things, but half of it seems to be old miniatures so not sure how long they will all be viable.

Maybe I'm 100% wrong! I don't have any Battletomes or General's Handbook so I just have what I find at other forums and sites. 

So guys... I humbly ask for your advice, personal opinion or sources. I am not saying there is one obvious army that fits all my needs, but hey!

I have been leaning towards Lumineth Realm Lords, Soulbright Gravelords or Sylvaneth. But I have not bought anything yet and I am 100% open for checking any army you guys suggest.

Any pointers are much appreciated!

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Also in the Netherlands, though my origin isn't as northern.

I'd say you have a few clear options:

  • Tzeench: Quite magic heavy shooting, has some brilliant sculpts.
  • Lumineth: All new, quite pricy, and oppressive magic and bowfire. (I don't like them)
  • Mawtribes can do melee quite well, and have magic

I know very little of Soulblight and Sylvaneth, except that Sylvaneth isn't that good apparently.

Cities is a blend of models that would otherwise have been removed, but I don't think they'll be removed soon as they seem really popular. We even see some new humans (though they may just be salvage from a planned Cursed City expansion).

If you still have all those rats and lizards's, you may already have a complete army. Good chance the sculpts are exactly the same as well.

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I would really consider looking at Cities of Sigmar.  (but don't rush out to buy).  In fact with a new edition don't buy anything.  I'm a defender of the BRB because I like reading the background and lore.  Last one has all the campaign books as a synopsis.  So if you can find the current  BRB in a few months on sale or free it would maybe be worth reading?

Living City can take 1/4 of their units as Sylvaneth.  So you could get your Kurnoth Hunter fix in.  I play Sylvaneth and right now they are not good at anything.  But they have lovely models (Dryads are old but still decent).  

The thing about Cities of Sigmar is if you have access or old models you can make them work and in a very good hobby way.  You'll see sword and sorcery mech-like stuff in Cities.  As well as lots of conversions.  And while Cities is generally considered a shooting army they have good melee support and a lot of extensible options as new cities are added via campaign books.  

I've been collecting Wood Elves for 34 years and I've found having a sylvaneth army along with my old wood elves gives me lots of options.

I hope this helps.  Who knows maybe i'm wrong :)

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All of this is an immense help!

I reached out and got the possibility to flip through the Sylvaneth Battle tome and had both my fears and hopes confirmed. The models look awesome but the choices army-wise are very limited.

There is a very very good chance, that if GW updates the range a bit with the next version of the army, that I'll jump on board.

I have officially wittled it down (have to decide eventually) so it is now a stand-off between the Soulblight Gravelords and the Cities of Sigmar. CoS obviously has a tonne of things to choose from, no doubt about that. I am however slightly worried that I might run into a wall getting my hands on some of the model as the army is a mishmash of old kits and units that I have 0 of. Gotta say though, that I like the idea of being an army of 'regular' guys (by Warhammer-standards), opposing Chaos and all sorts of monsters and nightmares.

With the Gravelords I'm thinking they will be very low on shooting but otherwise seems to have a decent variety and great models. Also they are thematically appealing in the setting. And the idea of a slow death marching towards you supported by all matters of foul beasts and nightmares is just.... cool. The fact that they are brand new doesn't really matter, but it is of course not a bad thing.

Well.... progress! Thanks for the feedback people, it's always great to get inputs from more experienced people.

(I could just start 2 armies but you know, time and money)

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