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CC - Starter Adversaries

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For those of you who have already begun your quests into Ulfenkarn - are there any Adversaries that its not possible, or rather unlikely, that you will meet in the first 4 or so missions?


I'm trying to prioritise painting it, and if some enemies (such as Radukar) only appear later on I don't need to rush to get them done.

And are there any you're almost guaranteed to fight? My presumption there is the Zombies, Ulfenwatch, Rats and Bats.



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Torgillius can’t show up until you hit a certain level, and Radukar has the same restriction under normal circumstances but I believe can spawn early due to end-of-game ‘extraction’ events. I’m not sure about the Vargskyr, but the rest of the villains can definitely appear at level 0. 

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Appreciate the question and the answer.

I have been trying to prioritise my painting as well - started with rats and bats because that seemed like a pretty safe bet. Looks like I will have to paint it all or play it grey.

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