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Found a stockpile of untouched and sealed boxes - could use some help


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I've found a stockpile of untouched and sealed Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k boxes. They are approx. between 15 and 20 years old.
Stuff like the Battle for Macragge Starter Box.  So that's 4th edition. 

I'm contemplating whether I should buy the bulk. I think it is close a 100 boxes. 
It's to much for me, so I'll need to resell it. 
I've been out of the hobby for ages. Mainly use my miniatures to play mordheim sometimes, or D&D encounters.
I could use some help. Where do I start?

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Some classic boxes can sell for quite a bit and some are still very popular as they have unique models that aren't sold elsewhere by GW. Depends on the box, some will have value and some won't. Also when checking ebay don't look at current listings alone, look at sold listings. There's a bunch of scalper stores that put huge prices on things on ebay which never actually sell at those prices, they are just listed at them and "might" sell once or twice but are not the normal market value. 


If you should or should not buy it is really down to you - do you have the capacity to sell them on and to catalogue them so that you reach customers properly; do you even want to do that. Also depends a lot on the price, if its a good price and you can easily see a profit go for it.

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