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Painting Checks


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Do any of you expert painters out there have any tips to make painting areas of checks easier. I caved in the other day and bought some elder harlequins to paint as a "something totally different from Savage Orruks" project.

I forgot when buying them I am rubbish at checked patterns!

Any help gratefully received

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I'm no expert but I know that painting something different is a great way to improve your painting skills.  For the skimmers, I'd probably try using some fine masking tape (maybe 6mm or 8mm) wide and lightly spraying on the checker pattern either from a can or airbrush.  

For the smaller freehand ones I'd stat with a white undercoat so you get nice bright colours, then I'd use watered down black on the tip of a medium sized brush (1 or 2 W&N size) and paint faint black parallel lines onto the bits you want, don't worry if the line gets thicker or thinner, but focus more on getting one edge of the black line to run as straight as possible, then when you paint the next line across try and line up its edge nicely with the first ones edge.  The wobblyness on one side of the lines can easily be corrected later.

It will look pretty messy at this stage but don't worry, once you've got all the lines going one way then start doing the perpendicular lines.  Once you're happy with the basic layout start colouring them in and correcting the squares with your chosen colours.  Once they're blocked out it's a case of shading and and highlight them, in the context of the model, and then touching up until you're happy with them.

Hope that helps.

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