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Events UK: North Leeds 2nd Last Stand

Tronhammer NZ

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Event Title: North Leeds 2nd Last Stand
Event Author: Tronhammer NZ
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 06/26/2016 12:00 AM

The first North Leeds Last Stand went really well, so I thought we'd do another. This time I've tried to take on board the lessons from recent tournaments and try out my own comp pack combining what I feel are the best bits of SCGT comp and Clash comp.

Game System:    Age of Sigmar
Date:    Sunday 26th June 2016
Location:    Shadwell Scout Hut
Main Street
LS17 8HH
No. of Games:    3
Comp System:    North Leeds Last Stand's own comp (SCGT/Clash)
Cost:    £15

This is a relaxed tournament designed for players wanting a fun day of AoS AND for those tournament regulars who like a competitive game. At the first NLLS we had several players who ended in the top 20 at SCGT including the winner - Rob Symes so a high standard of play, but equally we had the winner of 'best sports' at SCGT Joe Purcell so we are a VERY friendly, accommodating supportive bunch too. Even if you've never played in a tournament before you will find it a very welcoming atmosphere.

We will use our own comp pack which combines elements of SCGT with Clash Comp with a little bit of our own flavour to produce 3 interesting and challenging games in a day. I was not going to re-invent the wheel and do a ground-up total new Comp. So basically I have taken the SCGT pool system, and simplified some of the SCGT scenarios. Then scrapped the win/loss/draw scoring and hidden agendas and replaced it with the Clash Comp scoring system. I feel this has a good chance of addressing some of the problems I have with both of those systems, namely:
1. I found that as I am a bear of little brain I kept forgetting the extra twiddly bits in the scenarios at SCGT (doing D3 mortal wounds on a 4+ if your near a ........). So KISS
2. The same applied for Hidden Agendas/At all costs cards
3. Many games at SCGT were over by turn 2 or 3 as there was nothing to be gained by competing to the bitter end.
4. I hardly touched my sideboard at SCGT and I know many other players stuck to pretty much the same army all tournament. So I wanted to try to make it necessary for people to bring and have to use a varied army.

The complete 8 page comp pack with full details and scenarios is at https://www.dropbox.com/s/0gtbylop3qdu8br/North%20Leeds%202nd%20Last%20Stand%20v1.0.doc?dl=0 Please have a thorough read through it. It is currently v1.0 and is likely to have some changes as explained within it as Russ Veal and co start adjusting SCGT pool values, and new books come out from Games Workshop. Do let me know if you spot errors or have queries.

Lunch and refreshments are provided all day in the price. We have an agreement with the pub next door so you can buy beer etc. there and drink it at the venue.

This time you WILL need a painted army, and there will be a best painted trophy

You will also need to submit your list beforehand - deadline is June 19th.

There will be trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, Best in each faction, Wooden Spoon, Best painted, Best Sports and spot prizes each round.

There is plenty of parking at the venue.
The 7S bus from Leeds City Centre stops right outside the venue if you are using public transport.

9.00am Registration
9.30am - 11.50am Game 1
11.50am - 12.35pm Lunch
12.35pm - 2.55pm Game 2
2.55pm - 3.15pm Tea break and Best painted competition
3.15pm - 5.35pm Game 3
5.50pm Awards

I have shortened the games by 10 mins, so each is 2hrs 20mins. The vast majority of players had finished well inside the time and with the simplified scenarios it should allow everyone to head ****** at a sensible time on a Sunday evening.

Entry is by payment of £15 to my Paypal account - paulrosann@aol.com Please pay using 'gift or friends and family' to keep costs down. And remember to include who you are paying for. There are 24 places available. 

Feel free to let me know if I have missed any information off, or you need any clarification.


Event Homepage: http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=133473

North Leeds 2nd Last Stand

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So I just want to give this event (which I am running) an extra push. This is now the ONLY AoS event in the North of England until AGOM in November!! The atmosphere will be very relaxed, ideal for anyone who has never been to an event before. Also I and others are using it as a 'try-out' event to see how some models I never normally use will perform (I'm looking at you Merwyrm!).

So whether you fancy 3 casual games with like-minded friendlies, want to try out some new models for fun, or want to bring the latest filth,  we'll match you up accordingly so there's something for everyone. 

Home made lunch is provided, and the pub is right next door for those who like a tipple as they play

Go to http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=133473 for sign up details.

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Damn didn't see this, first event looked good so I was planning on coming along to your second event. 


Did this get promoted via Facebook at all? There are 3 big AoS communities with a lot of UK based players.   

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I tend to use Twitter, so promoted it mainly there - I am @SkepticScouter also was posted here. But mainly the thread on WHF was where I did most of the work. Which 3 big AoS communities do you mean?

I'm hoping to run another one in a few months, so tell me where you want notifications and I'll put them there. Though I know Ben is hoping that gradually all AoS event info will be posted here on Alliance.

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