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Batallion advice


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Can anyone offer any advice on how many battalions are typical to take for 1000, 2000 and 2500 point armies? I understand you have to assess whether they are worth the points for the benefits and deployment, but was just wondering if anyone could tell me what they typically look to take with any given army size. 



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I’ll probably be corrected but I’d say one is the average. I’ve seen lists with two but not often. The issue is to fill a battalion you can end up spending up to half your points on them (or more!). 

If you want to use more in games, play larger games or try open play.

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There isn't really a "typical" number, it really does depend on a battle per battle basis. Some battletome (Skaven good example) simply don't have access to many great ones, some armies that lack summoning aren't as keen as as spending too many points on batallions (Cities of sigmar good example) and some books are filled with excellent batallions that you might want more then one of.

I would say the most common reason for taking a batallion is when you have one that fit a large part of a army in (Ironfist, Changehost) are good examples, that allows the player with the big batallion to more often then not control who will be going first and second.

Only advice I would give is that at 1000 points, a 150 point batallion is a huge chunk of your army, at 2000 I wouldn't be very keen to spend more then 160-180 points on batallions for armies that lack a summoning resource. 

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