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[Mobile - IOS] After Website Update 4/16/21 missing thread participant names

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On the new website update there are no participant names shown when browsing using IOS on mobile.

One sees the thread creator, and individual posts. The posts can be quoted, but the usernames of participants in the thread are missing on mobile.

Here’s a thread example:CB555D62-5F5D-4D4A-A1EA-B5A3EC30BA39.png.bb85a871d954cb439b78f46c80cf8c55.png

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Actually glad to hear this is happening all over. I’ll stop worrying about it. Probably just a settings issue that needs adjustment by administrators. 
I’ll wait for an update because this really takes away from the site. 


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28 minutes ago, Ben said:

Is this only on iOS? 

Can someone with Android see the same issues? 


Saw the same yesterday on Android - chrome web browser.

Today there was a menu on the bottom, but when I changed to night mode (there was a moon on the top), the layout changed.

I can see the profile and names today though!

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We had to run a security update that broke the old site theme.  It was a few editions out of date.  I've put up a new one to get things working but it might look a bit odd for a while while it get it sorted out.  

Side bonus.  We now have a dark theme option. 

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