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Episode 14 - Hobby Chat with Tim Fisher

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Welcome to episode 14 of the podcast, for this episode I am joined by army painted supremo Tim Fisher and briefly, Ian Gilmore.

Tim is very well known on the Warhammer tournament scene and has produced so many inspiring armies over the years that I have lost count! As mentioned, Ian joins us to start with and talks about the progress he has made with his Daughters of Khaine army including some great tips on apply extra detail while painting faces. I also cover a few new additions to my Disciples of Tzeentch army. The main ‘meat’ of the show is an in-depth chat with Tim about his stunning Daughters of Khaine army which was debuted at Games Workshops Heat 3 tournament at Warhammer World, and picked up a best army nomination. Tim shares some excellent ideas including the narrative elements behind his army, how he included the Greek elements from the teaser videos on his bases, and an amazing way to paint a red lacquered armour effect. enjoy!


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Itunes Music: Intro – Vale of Shadows - Gunship Outro – Soviet- Ghosts (Silent Gloves Remix)

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