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Episode 17 - Hobby Chat with Mitzy and Jimbo

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Episode 17 is a blinder of an episode, I am joined by the Youtube sensation that is Mitzy and Jimbo (of the Mitzy and Jimbo Show) and Mr Ian Gilmore.

This episode we have a roundup of our hobby, Ian explains how much buying he has done, we all (still) moan about the heat! We also go into more detail on the origins of the Mitzy and Jimbo show while also delving into the Narrative event they both help run - Realms at War (RAW). Expect much crazyness around alchemical potions and potatofication!


Mentioned on the show:

The Mitzy and Jimbo Show - Youtube

AoS 2 day Tournament in Stirling - Tempest 19th & 20th Jan

Realms at War 3


As always we are sponsored by: Mierce Miniatures

Support the podcast by making all your hobby purchases through this link: Kirton Games Webstore

Age of Sigmar Tokens: Pro Painted Studios

Itunes Music: Intro – Vale of Shadows - Gunship Outro – Bloodwave - Encounters

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