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Ep. 15: The Mighty Drizzleshroom! (Crash & Burn Saga)


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Dark visitations and spore-atic threats emerge to threaten the Binding as they work their way further into the Gloomspite tunnel network.

We’re going to pick up this episode after the Binding bravely retreated from a haunted city of spooky ghosts. They have been particularly battered after falling out of a flaming Kharadron airship, assaulted by daemons of Tzeentch, plunged underground and chased by a mutated mass of writing mutated animals, only to take a breather in a city of undead ghosts. The party is anything but bright eyed and bushy tailed.

If you’re playing a session of Soulbound and the party has around ten minutes to spare after an encounter you can elect to Take A Breather which will refresh the party’s Toughness.

If you’re wanting to take a longer time to recover you can elect to Rest which is basically like bedding down for the night. We had the party roll an Awareness and Survival check to see if they could find a hideout in these tunnels where they could sleep in safety. They managed to find a small tunnel leading to an alcove where they set up a campsite along with their Duardin companions.

The night passes without a sound and we rejoin them in the morning.

GIVEAWAY! We’re giving away three digital copies of the Age of Sigmar Core Rulebook! Check out the Rules here: Soulbound Digital Rulebook Giveaway

Heroes from Home Vancouver: A Free Online Tabletop Roleplaying Program For Vancouver Residents With Self-Identified Mental Illness. No Roleplaying Equipment or Experience is necessary! For more information and to sign-up visit their website or email heroesfromhome@gmail.com. Happy Rolling!

Crash & Burn is a free supplement for the Age of Sigmar: Soulbound created by Cubicle 7. The adventure is downloadable for free from their website! We adapted the introduction to fit in with our current campaign but you can use it to start up a fresh adventure and learn the rules of Soulbound.


David Dryden (he/him) as the Dungeon Master AKA The Dave-Meister | @dwdryden
Dylan (she/her) as Meriss Honeysuckle the Trade Pioneer
Isaac Calon (he/him) as Frostglade the Kurnoth Hunter
Jonathan Franco (he/him) as Cassandra Taylor
Marielle (she/her) as Bort Jortsson | @iron_swan
Murray C (he/him) as Falas Osses-Bosun | @MrScaryMuffin
Nikola Cadieux-Rusan (he/him) as Okri Okrisson | @nikolarusan
Sam C (she/her) as Feryl the Stormcast Knight-Venator

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