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Episode 18 - Team Goals at Brotherhood 2020


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Eatbats of Sigmar recount stories from Brotherhood, the six player team event in Cardiff, January 2020.

If you want to contribute to get @gr1mmas to read Aelf lore then please contribute here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/eatbatsofsigmar


0:25:00 Round 1

0:32:50 Round 2

0:48:00 Round 3

1:17:15 A wild Jimbo appears

Email us: eatbatsofsigmar@gmail.com

Twitter: @eatbatsofsigmar

Ko-Fi: ko-fi.com/eatbatsofsigmar


Original Music: Alex McGee (@alexmcgeemusic)

Art: Roger Barnett (@RogBarnett)

Editing: Bedge


Sound FX: Freesound.org

  Sound Author Jingle news Jay_You rustling paper.wav keweldog Cachos y dados.mp3 Frankail deep remix of 160769__qubodup__warrior-s-battle-chants-shouts.flac Timbre record_scratch_short.wav Halleck you_have_a_mail_message.wav tim.kahn FilmFlopping.wav BenKoning chorus » Stabat Mater - Capella Ducis 130525_13.wav klankbeeld Soundscapes: Heaven and Hell » 10-11-15_gates-of-heaven.flac Argitoth Phone Dial Breviceps 00517 alchemist laboratory arrangement.wav Robinhood76 Applause 2.WAV Sandermotions Cheer.wav acclivity CROWD YAY.wav mlteenie warning target detected.wav tim.kahn old telephone bell (british version).wav FreqMan BakelitePhoneDialing_.wav HerbertBoland thunder crack.wav cognito perceptu Microphone falls 11builderboy11 Lavalier lav microphone pop AnLorenzo 05769 carpenter's workshop ambience.WAV Robinhood76 horn_fail_wahwah_2.wav TaranP MedievalArmyMarchingAndChanting.mp3 Yap_Audio_Production MedievalCombatLoop.mp3 Yap_Audio_Production Arrow strike.mp3 plantmonkey Cash Register Fake.wav CapsLok Fanfare bone666138  


Hallelujah Sound Effect


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