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Episode 35 - Drunk Assembly & Power Gloves

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Welcome to the new format of Pro Painted (in all honesty not much has changed). We have added a dedicated section to discussing 40k, while also discussing this freely in our general hobby. I am joined by Ian for a hobby catchup and Rob is with us for the full episode. We talk about the new Generals Handbook for Age of Sigmar, Exodites in 40k, Necron Conversions, basing ideas for Salamander Space Marines, possibility of more Narrative 40k events and our thoughts on how to get into 40k and inspiration for themes


Time Stamps:

AoS Segment - 47:25

40k Segment - 1:09:20


Links mentioned in the show:

Realm Rift: https://realmrift.com/

Ashes of the Imperium (Not Priority Roll as I mentioned on the podcast): Crusade Overview

Tabletop Tactics: Youtube Battlereports


Our Sponsors are still operating, and any orders at this time of the year would be greatly apprenticed by us all:


Support the podcast by making all your hobby purchases through this link: Kirton Games Webstore

Use code propainted for an extra 5% off GW product including pre-orders!

As always we are sponsored by: Mierce Miniatures

Age of Sigmar Tokens: Pro Painted Studios


Music: Intro – Vale of Shadows - Gunship Outro - Dance with Somebody - The Midnight

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