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The Mitzy, Jimbo and Matt Show - Pro Painted Podcast and Studios


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Mitzy and Jimbo chat about Warhammer Age of Sigmar. In this episode we touch base with a relatively new but exciting vendor in the independent wargaming retail scene and long-time podcast host and hobby legend Matt Lyons. Matt hosts the Pro Painted Podcast along with Rob Ellis and Ian Gilmore and have been hitting the hobby airwaves since 16th August 2017. In the show Matt Rob and Ian give away their hobby secrets, explain their processes and generally chat about everything from conversions to high end painting. Of course long time Warhammer podcast listeners will remember Matt for his contribution to the Black Sun Podcast. Matt has more recently turned his love of the hobby in to his full time job with his venture in to the world of hobby accessories, he has a fully laden website selling all manner of gaming accessories from range rulers to full army specific sets of in-game reminders for spells and buffs. Of course we couldn’t get Matt on the show without chatting to him about his amazing armies and how he achieves such fantastic effects. He is truly the master of the themed force and is a prolific hobbyist. Matt also unveils his latest release that went on sale the week we recorded this episode. If you are a Warcry player get yourself over to his webstore and pick up a set of his amazing Warcry Warboard. It will single handedly change how you play the game. https://www.propaintedstudios.co.uk/products/warboard-1 You can hook up with Matt on all social media outlets, just click on the links below: Twitter Business: https://twitter.com/ppaintedstudios Twitter podcast: https://twitter.com/ProPainted Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pro_painted_studios/ Website: https://www.propaintedstudios.co.uk We hope that you enjoy the show, stay safe, keep hobbying and be positive. Cheers Mitzy & Jimbo xx

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