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Episode 19 - The Lumineth Lowdown with Ollie Grimwood


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Ollie Grimwood (known to his Twitter fans as @gr1mmas) hates Aelves with a passion. He loathes everything to do with the models, the rules and above all else the lore of Aelvenkind. He has reacted to the news of the return of Teclis and the Lumineth Realm-lords with scarcely concealed contempt. 

It is in the spirit of charitable giving and generosity of character that Ollie has agreed to embrace the very thing that he abhors above all else. He has agreed to read aloud the Lumineth Lowdown - Part 1: Origins for our enlightenment and entertainment, to be recorded for the benefit of listeners world-wide on the inexplicably popular podcast Eatbats of Sigmar. 

Revel in the beautiful prose sticking in Ollies craw as he forces out the words. Hear his gravelly Yorkshire tones fight every sinew of his being to laud the beauty, grace and elegance of the Aelven renaissance. Laugh as he lauds the very thing he hates above all else.

All you have to do to help stage this reading, an event that will go down in history of great Age of Sigmar unwilling narrations, is to help fund a meagre £250 for a worthy cause. Should we be fortunate enough to raise additional funding then I feel confident that we can persuade Ollie to read futher chapters of the Lowdown. He could scarecely refuse such generosity after all.

Ollie has chosen for donations to be made to a worthy cause and a charity close to his heart; the RNLI. 

Here's why: Too many people are still drowning. More than ever we need the RNLI’s help. As a charity, the RNLI depends on our donations so it can go on saving lives and keeping us and our loved ones safe. RNLI lifesavers are our lifeline. They’re the lifeboat crews who provide 24-hour search and rescue right around the UK and Ireland. The lifeguards keeping watch on 240 of the busiest beaches in the UK and Channel Islands. And the RNLI safety teams and educators working tirelessly to stop people getting into trouble in the first place.Thank you.

If you want to contribute to get @gr1mmas to read Aelf lore then please contribute here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/eatbatsofsigmar

0:3:10 Upcoming Events

0:21:50 Ground Rules

0:24:00 The Lumineth Lowdown

0:35:20 Listeners Questions

Email us: eatbatsofsigmar@gmail.com

Twitter: @eatbatsofsigmar

Ko-Fi: ko-fi.com/eatbatsofsigmar


Original Music: Alex McGee (@alexmcgeemusic)

Art: Roger Barnett (@RogBarnett)

Editing: Bedge


Sound FX: Freesound.org

  Sound Author Jingle news Jay_You rustling paper.wav keweldog you_have_a_mail_message.wav tim.kahn thunder crack.wav cognito perceptu  


Hallelujah Sound Effect


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