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The best list for campaign!


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This Skaven Clans Moulder list is almost broken it’s so good and I’ve never heard anyone playing it. It’s cheap too! 

Master Moulder (leader)

Rat Ogor (x2)

Packmaster (x3)

Giant Rat (x6)

Basically, the Rat Ogors hit for 10.7 average damage per action (!) and the packmasters and leader give them an extra attack action outside of their activation for a double (!!). Everyone has insanely high movement also. 

For a campaign, you can give Thralls and Monsters (Hell Pit Abomination is Clans Moulder too!) an extra attack action.  Or you can use Stormfiends (the best non-leader model in Warcry IMO) which are also Moulder/ Skryre. 

Best of all you only need to buy the leader and the Rats and Ogors box and you get 995 points. 



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What's really powerful about this list is that the leader doesn't do any more than the packmasters, so if they take him down the mechanic still works. Although this deviates slightly from being pure Clans Moulder, this list should be very tough:

1000 points:

Master Moulder (leader)

Rat Ogor (x2)

Warpfire Thrower

Packmaster (x2)

Giant Rat (x5)

Also, The Warpfire thrower has a nice quad ability to do some serious damage from 8". You don't have to buy a Master Moulder since there's an extra Packmaster you can use "counts as". 

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