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Aqshy Blades of Khorne


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I finally decided to post my Khorne Army. There are a few WIP models I am including. First the Gore Chosen


The Exhalted Deathbringer is one of my all tie favorite minis, so I spent extra time painting him.



Neeve is normally a Blood Stoker, but she sometimes acts as other Characters I happen to need.  Any red minis you see are my old Warriors of Chaos guys.

I have a third Slaughter priest I'm working on, but he was not in my gaming case.


I spent time on Garraks reavers, but I wanted to have them ready for an in store event. I was happy with how they turned out and while painting them I came up with the lore and overall template I wanted to follow for the army. However I had not painted these guys until after doing my normal reavers, Gorechosen and Skullreapers so I could not follow their example. The champions paint themselves white and the distinguished warriors are allowed to paint their heads white like a skull.





These blood warriors were painted for me by a friend many years ago in exchange for some vintage nurgle demons. The banner is freehand, something I never do.

I wrestled with my blood warrior color scheme for a long time. For some reason I hated the way the default looked on them so I brightened them up. I still don't like how it turned out, but I needed blood warriors sop I just have to live with them. I have many more to paint, but these were all I needed at the time.





The blue guys are the Coldwater Gang and the red guys are the Horned Ghosts. They are named after the monsters from "The Glory Road"




The bulkiest GW females I could fins were escher gangers. I would probably use Sisters repentia or something similar if I made more.



This guy looks way better IRL, I swear! His is a 10 year lod WIP. Maybe younger, but he was my lord Choice for 7th ed. He could hit himself with his deamon weapon and laugh it off because his save was -2


These are the last guys I was working on before thew "New" book came out and I stopped using them. They were going to be White Knights, but I didn't get very far with the color scheme.

Last is everything all together:


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