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2500 point Skaven Friends Game Warpfire or Acolytes


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Planning to have a game with a friend (when lockdown rules eased). He plays stormcast with 2x ballista, a stardrake, 9x prosecutors and 3x Vangard palladors plus the rest in small units of foot troops but the units I have named are the ones that I think need to be mentioned for context. I also should mention we are fairly new (only 4-5 games total between us) so don't have tones of models to choose from and aren't playing battle plans as yet till we get the hang of rules and our own troops meaning no objectives. Just kill as much as possible in the 5 turns.

My question is weather to run:

Option A total = 220; 10x Acolytes  = 120, 5x gutter runners = 60 and bell of doom = 40 or

Option B total = 210; 3x warpfire throwers = 70 each instead of option A?

Tried 1x warpfire thrower in one game and it died early doing nothing same with gutter runners but not tried the others. My thought is the acolytes combo could be best for 2 reasons - 1. more bodies on the field (u'll see my list below is lite on numbers for usual skaven trash), 2. another option in the acolytes to throw a warpstone spark at for +1 damage per model in the unit, which is not usable on the warpfire throwers since they don't use the standard attack sequence. Maybe he warpfire throwers don't need it as they can do tones of damage, I don't know, hence the question.

The below list is everything I defiantly wanna take then substitute in and out the options listed above. The plan is to magic + shoot him to death:

Arch-warlock + chain warp lightening = 160 

Grey seer on bell + suspicious stone, death frenzy = 240
Warlock Bombardier + warp lightening shield = 120

Doomwheel = 150

3x Warplock Jezzails = 140

10x Stormvermin + shield, drummer,standard bearer = 100
10x Stormvermin + shield, drummer,standard bearer = 100
10x Stormvermin + shield, drummer,standard bearer = 100
10x Stormvermin + shield, drummer,standard bearer = 100

doom flayer = 60 
3x gnaw holes
ratling gun = 60
ratling gun = 60
ratling gun = 60

Arkhspark Voltik total = 710
Warlock engineer (General) + more warp power, warp resonator, overseer of destruction = 110
Warp lightening cannon = 180
Warp lightening cannon = 180 
Warp lightening cannon = 180

Vermintide = 40 
Warp lightening vortex = 80 

Thanks for reading, all input welcome!

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Firstly: are you sure your playing skaven mate,

Seems like an elite stormcast list too me.

I’m missing at least 200bodies.

secondly: Warpfire thrower weapon teams, are extremely good against horde armies.

It can be good against stormcast, if he has at least 1 huge unit of 20-30models in it, but for every other reason acolytes would do much better against the elite of the human race.

anywyas good luck an a lot of fun to you both😉.


Ps: remove the grey seer on bell,

there is basically no use for him, if the only thing he’ll be doing is keep 4 individual units of 10Stormvermins battleshock immun.

you’ll very likely could loose them turn 1 through shooting easily.

Better of taking a grey seer on foot with skitterleap, and something fun for another 100points

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Ha! I have loadsa plague monks but already played them every game so wanna change it up (wanna try a moulder mostly build but want a hell pit or 2 before I can really bulk out a list).

No he doesnt have big groups of most of his troops are 5 models max. If he had more I would maybe switch the cannons for plague claws as well.

Acolytes it is then! Cheers.

Very taken by ur idea to ditch the bell... Next game I will try it out and ditch the gutter runners too for a total 160 points to play with.

For this game though, the bell nearly works as a distraction. My mate has the mentality "that's a big thing, must be dangerous, must target it first". With the suspicious stone and it's other saves it's got a 4+ wound save, 5+ wound and mortal save and another 5+ wound and mortal save (protection of the horned rat). Plus will keep near the Stormvermin for the lookout sir and skavens lead from the back means it's on melee and missile attacks. Hoping all this gives him some more survivability to tank some damage saving my other more important (more dangerous) stuff.

That's the idea anyway but we'll see how we both roll.

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