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looking to start warcry. Catacombs starter pack the right move?


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Hey folks! I am starting to get into the hobby and started by just buying and painting some miniatures I like. After some research on how to best use these to actually play a game I have decided that warcry sounds like the best fit for me. But the information on how to start seems conflicted online:

The catacombs starter box is the obvious choice but Ive read reviews that say it is overpriced for what It comes with and those arent top priority warbands for me. 

Is it difficult to buy neccesary parts piecemeal? Is ebay the best place for this? Can one save money buying off-brand terrain or print stats cards at home, etc? Or should I just shovel out the money to get the full box to have everything work well together and whatnot?


thanks in advance for your help!

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Catacombs is great value for getting started, it just wasn't great value for those already invested into the game. 


It offers two modes of play, regular and catacombs. Regular is a board with free movement and terrain features; whilst catacombs offers you a more corridor based adventuring option. 

The only thing the Catacombs set doesn't have is the "battleplan" cards; otherwise it has all the core elements to get started with. Of course if you don't want either warband its not as good an investment, though you can very easily trade those warbands on to others if you want. Both sides will easily sell (for less than retail of course). 


If you instead want to get into it with specific items then all you need is the rulebook, battleplan cards and a terrain set. Each Warcry terrain set comes with deployment cards of its own, terrain, board and tokens so its a complete terrain setup. If you want you can get all that in one go in the getting started set


Note that is out of stock, I believe mostly because currently the individual rulebook is out of stock on the UK site - 3rd parties might well have it in stock. 


Then to that you can just add your warband of choice. Each Warcry brand product comes with the cards to use them in the box. Note some are sold separately for AoS itself and these boxes have a different price, no cards and often more models (since they are focused on the main wargame side of things). 

Note that if you want to expand and take more models into your warbands or use races that don't have a warband pack then you would need to get the corresponding Grand Alliance book for that army. You do NOT need to get those books ot get started if you're using one of the core brand warbands, nor to get started with the game; they do give you loads of additional optoins though and are thus worth picking up as you go along (since even the core factions will benefit from the book). 

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Having bought both the Original and the Catacombs set, I have a real difficult time recommending anyone buy Catacombs useless they absolutely can not find an original copy. The original set has a significantly higher value. More terrain, the chaotic beasts warbands, the battleplan cards. If you can find an original set for anything less than $250, grab it. 

More so, the variable height from the terrain in the original set makes the games much more fun in my opinion. I have played warcry on boards that are mostly flat or lack height changes and they just seem dull. In my opinion the level of strategy is greatly reduced. The games quickly turn into mostly run at each other and bash one another. The height is a key component to the games in my opinion and its why I just haven't enjoyed the catacombs set as of yet. 

Lastly, for a final opinion, although the battleplan cards are in the core book, the cards are very welcome to have if you prefer to play your game with a clean tabletop and not wanting to always reference books and thumbing through pages. For me it just makes life easier to have a few cards out versus a couple books. 

Just my opinions though. 

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