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Warhammer Quest: Cursed City Previews


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Cursed City Website link

Warhammer Quest: the Cursed City is a Warhammer Quest board game in the vein of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower with an as of yet unannounced release date, as far as I know.  While it's not, strictly speaking, an Age of Sigmar product, based on previous Warhammer Quest releases the units and models in the Cursed City box will be given AoS rules via pdfs on the website, some of which may be incorporated into AoS battle tomes and released as independent AoS releases in the future.  Additionally, though nothing of the kind is confirmed, some posters, myself included, think that the antagonists in the Cursed City may be a sneak preview into the design concepts that will go into the yet-to-be-officially-announced Soulblight Gravelords faction.  The setting of the Cursed City, Ulfenkarn, certainly presents one take on a stronghold ruled by the forces of a Soulblight Vampire conqueror, and could possibly be taken as a typical example of Soulblight "civilization".

From the previews so far, the antagonists in Cursed City will include (at least) 5 named characters, plus lesser undead serving them.  One of these 5 will be the vampire lord who rules Ulfenkarn, with concept art shown in the teaser above but without a full miniature reveal at time of posting.  The remaining four are likely the ones shown in this art from the website:


Of these four, two have been properly revealed:

Gorslav the Gravekeeper, a grave digger / zombie champion / necromancer type character.  There's not really a direct equivalent unit to compare Gorslav to in Age of Sigmar.  He may be left as a unique, one off wahammer quest personality, or we might be looking at a teaser for a new kind of unit entirely.  Personal Opinion: based purely on the previews, this is my favorite Death-aligned AoS model to date.  Stunning.  Fantastic.  Creepy in an dark soulsy / silent hilly / mouth of saurony sort of way, ornate but but not cluttered in a ritualistic, almost religious sort of sence, like a prophet of death / high priest of nagash sort of vibe.  The entire Flesh Eater Courts faction could stand to take some notes.




Watch Captain Halgrim: This guy looks to be somewhere between a skeleton champion & wight king sort of character.  If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say he does not look to be foreshadowing entirely new unit, not unless heavily armored skeletons are going to become a thing separate from both the existing skeleton warriors and wights/grave guard, which I doubt.  Personal opinion: while he's not quite on the same level as Goreslav - he's a bit stiffer, a bit flatter, a bit cluttered, and isn't nearly as creepily imposing - I do like Halgrim a lot.  He's about on par with the leader of the Sepulchral Guard warband from Underworlds, falling into a similar 'slightly more then a skeleton champion, but not quite a wight king' sort of place.




Torgillius the Chamberlain:  An interesting necromancer type, though I don't have too much to say about him apart from that.  I like his hat, and the gimmick of having a bunch of different undead familiars to spy and run errands for him, that's cool.  Not sure what I think of the yolk, seems a bit silly to me.  Personally, I like the current plastic necromancer a bit more, but this guy's still very good, and fits in well with the rest of the Cursed City stuff we've seen so far.




In addition to the five named villains who lead the antagonists in Cursed City, there are of course also a bunch of lesser undead followers for the heroes to beat up on their way to those villains.  If Cursed City is a sort of preview for the Soulblight Gravelords, then these units likely foreshadow units available to the Gravelords, either within their faction or at least as allies (some of the teasers seem to suggest ghostly or ghoulish enemies, which by all rights would be part of NH or FEC).  At the time of posting, only one of these unit types has been revealed:

The Ulfenwatch

WHQ CursedCity Feb4 Content2j

"To control a city the size of Ulfenkarn, an army is required. With no time to place ads in the local newspaper, Gorslav the Gravekeeper emptied the corpse-gardens and crypt-tunnels. Soon an army of fleshless soldiers were dispensing brutal justice on the streets from their stronghold, the Vharngate.  While an individual skeleton warrior shouldn’t cause your party much trouble, they will be inspired to fight even harder by their banner bearer, so make sure that you try to take him out first."

While fancier and certainly heavier armored than the existing Skeleton Warriors kit, the Ulfenkarn are referred to as simply "Skeleton Warriors".  As such, even if Cursed City does foreshadow the Gravelords faction, I doubt the Ulfenkarn foreshadow a new unit apart from Skeleton Warriors.  That said, while the existing skeleton warrior kit isn't exactly bad or terribly outdated, and I wouldn't be rushing out to replace my own 100+ skeleton warrior models, if we were to see a new model kit for skeleton warriors based on these guys, I do think it would be a significant improvement with a solid aesthetic choice.  Not too over the top high fantasy for players looking for a more down to earth, classic style undead faction, but also not so plain that they'd feel out of place in Age of Sigmar.

They do feel a lot more distinctly vamp countsish gothic style undead, though, where the current kit felt a bit more generic, which might not be as ideal for players looking for a less mannfred & more neferata feeling army.  That said, even looking at these, I don't actually expect a new skeleton warrior kit.  We didn't see one after the Sepulchral Guard, after all.  And, again, the existing deathrattle models are all still pretty decent and afaik sell well enough.  Do you think these might indicate a new skeleton warrior kit in the pipeline?  If they did, and they were priced reasonably (no I will not stop being bitter about the Chainrasp price point), would you feel motivated to replace your existing skittles?


In addition to official reveals, there have been a whole bunch of rumor engine previews that seem to be connected to this release, largely collected in this image:


These might in turn fuel further speculation.  In particular, there seems to be some sort of ghoulish or zomby type units, but with grave earth and detritus piled up on their backs?  As if they didn't so much climb out of the ground as get pushed up from beneath, with the dirt above them left to ride around on their shoulders?  Until we get a proper reveal, I don't know what to think of that.  I will say that, far more so than skeleton warriors, AoS really is due for a new zombie kit, so hopefully whatever these turn out to be are hinting at some kind of future AoS proper reveal.


As far as I know, that's all the preview information for Cursed City so far.  So... what do you all think?  Looking good?  Not so interested?  Do you think we really are looking at a sort of real world pre-release for the eventual Soulblight Gravelords, or do you think that's reading too much into this spin off boxed game?  Should I put the hero model previews in this thread, too, even though they're not relevant to Team Death?  What individual bit of Cursed City that looks the best to you so far, and why is it Gorslav the Gravekeeper?


2/20/21 update: Lots of News out of the Lords of the Realms previews:

FebPreview Feb20 WHQ Content2pd

FebPreview Feb20 WHQ Content3al


FebPreview Feb20 WHQ Content3al














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My thoughts on this:

1.) I think Cursed City definitely is the "warm-up" for the Gravelord range. Just like we saw Tzaangors and Kairic Acolytes be first released with Silver Tower. Those units later got full kits and are available for the DoT, so I think the Gravelords will get the same.

2.) I LOVE the new Skeletons. Very cool! Even so, I won't replace my 60+ Skeletons. It's just too much work. But I'll definitely buy Cursed City so I'll add those Skeletons to my undead legion. :) Another neat bit from the preview is how they talk about the banner-bearer inspires the rest of the Skeletons. Now this may only be a rule for Cursed City but it would be swell if GW updated the lame -1 bravery banners our units have atm. Bravery is a non-mechanic for most armies these days so it would be nice to see our banners get a different effect.

I'm also very excited to see the new Zombies. I really do hope that those will replace the current ugly ones.

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Twenty-five years ago I bought metal Heavy Armored Skeletons for my Undead Army (after all we only had one book).  They were later repackaged as Grave Guard after the book split into the wet undead (Vampire Counts) and dry undead (Tomb Kings).  If things are coming full circle I have no complaints.

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Those 4 dudes on the tapestry look pretty cool...Second from left looks a bit like old Konrad vC and the old geezer looks like some deathpriest from the Necrach.

From Deadwalkers over Priests to vamp-blender and heavy infantry everything is there , but what and how will find its way cross platforms into AoS is tricky.  I mean Chaosdwarves are pretty certain for Total War WH3, but just got canceled in AoS...😥

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I am very happy so far with what we have seen of Cursed City. All models so far have been hits for me. Just from a model perspective, the game is shaping up really well. Super exciting!

I think it's fairly likely that Cursed City gives us some indication of what Gravelords will be like. In the latest article on Warhammer Community, they hotlinked a mention of the Soulblight aristocrats of Ulfenkarn to the Gravelords Vampire Lord. While that is a tenuous connection on it's own, I think it's another piece of evidence that Cursed City is part of the effort to build up Grave Lords.

The question is what will cross over into AoS proper.

So far, we know of the Gravekeeper, who looks to be a Deadwalkers hero. I think he, along with whatever zombies will surely be revealed in the future, are good candidates for inclusion into Gravelords. Deadwalkers are currently not a model range that can stand on it's own, with it's old models and no heroes.

The Deathrattle Captain and Ulfenwatch are harder to place. The skeletons seem to fall somewhere in between Skeleton Warriors and Grave Guard, as far as their armaments are concerned. But I don't think the Deathrattle subfaction can really make use of light, medium and heavy infantry. Conceivably, the Ulfenwatch might replace either Skeletons or Grave Guard, but there is little reason to do so, since these kits are still good. Watch Captain Halgrim, as well, does not seem like a replacement for the Wight King: The Wight King kit is still good apart from the square base, and Halgrim seems to be a weaker type of non-sentient Deathrattle from his narrative.

Here are some scenarios I think are possible:

  • The Ulfenwatch and Hargrim are just cool alternative skeleton sculpts, but don't become their own thing in Gravelords and don't replace any kits. I think this is the most likely.
  • The Ulfenwatch plus Halgrim get treated like a Warcry or Underworlds warband and get a collective warscroll.
  • Hargrim takes the place the Wight King currently has, as a minor buff hero for Deathrattle. The Wight King warscroll gets rewritten to be a more significant, more powerful hero.

That last option in particular is the only way I see Hargrim become a standalone hero: The Wight King is currently a discount Vampire Lord. Since Hargrim is a discount Wight King, there is really no role he could play unless the current Wight King is changed. I would not be opposed to having two Deathrattle hero options, though. I think having both a Deathrattle Captain and Wight King could work.

As for the rest of the yet-to-be-revealed Overlords of Ulfenkarn, they seem to follow the factions that currently make up LoN: The Gravekeeper for Deadwalkers, the Deathrattle Captain for Deathrattle, the vampire for Soulblight and the priest for Deathmages. The odd one out is the big bad, the Wolf, who seems poised to introduce a new type of wolf-shapeshifting vampires.

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I mean, from silver tower precedent, everything in cursed city will get website pdf war scroll rules & points, so these skeleton boys will get rules as themselves - though those rules may be little different from existing deathrattle units.  But I also agree that, most likely, they will not be directly incorporated into the gravelords book as a separate unit from the existing skeleton warriors.

I /could/ see them replacing the existing skeleton warrior model kit, though.  I'm not counting on it, but it wouldn't surprise me.

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they have similar facial hair, but the art guy looks more like a wizardly type, where the zombie guy preview is very much a big buff bruiser type.  If the four pictures in the art are the four remaining undead heroes, then I'm not sure where this axe zombie fits in.  It does seem a bit fancy for a grunt model.  I guess it's possible it isn't a cursed city model at all?  Not sure how he fits in.  Maybe there just are semi-elite zombie grunts in there somewhere.

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New Cursed City preview today.  I wasn't expecting anything else before the saturday thing, so that's cool.

https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/02/18/meet-the-scientist-itching-to-experiment-on-you-in-warhammer-quest-cursed-city/?utm_source=Warhammer Community&utm_medium=Banner&utm_campaign=CursedCityChronicles3&utm_content=CursedCityChronicles3

WHQ CursedCityCrier Feb18 Content1hf




Say “hello” to Torgillius the Chamberlain, a so-called scholar performing depraved necromantic experiments to raise more warriors for the Ulfenwatch.

Ulfenkarn was once home to the brotherhood of sepulchrists known as the Pact Mortalis. Torgillius was a member of their order but turned his back on them, taking their research into grave-sand phylacteries and throwing in his lot with the vampires that came to rule the city.

The chamberlain’s knowledge of grave-sand means that his master can now deflect wounds that would otherwise destroy him, making Torgillius one of the most trusted men in the Cursed City. He has also developed the ability to project his will into the diseased vermin in the city, allowing him to spy upon the populace.

While Torgillius usually prefers to dispatch lesser beings to fetch him fresh subjects for his experiments, he will occasionally venture out into the city to choose his own. Any who stand in his way suffer the full might of his dark magic.


I think he looks pretty cool, though I do prefer the current plastic AoS necromancer a bit more.

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16 hours ago, lare2 said:

The first model so far that I've thought meh and, like you, I think the current necro is better. 

I'm not sure Torgillius is a straight up Necromancer. He's definitely a Deathmage, but I think we might be looking at a new type of caster. He seems to be more about dominion over animals than necromancy.

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1 hour ago, Neil Arthur Hotep said:

He seems to be more about dominion over animals than necromancy.

Please no priest, Nagash is not listening

if you’re not up to the task and everything is just too much, no worries, please ask your lokal Necromancer for reassignment into the Deathrattle corps 

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17 hours ago, Neil Arthur Hotep said:

I'm not sure Torgillius is a straight up Necromancer. He's definitely a Deathmage, but I think we might be looking at a new type of caster. He seems to be more about dominion over animals than necromancy.

Nagash did invent Necromancy after after learning Dark Magic from several captured Dark Elves he imprisoned in his wacky SAW Pyramid.  Truth be told it was it just a regular Pyramid.   But how cool would it have been as a weird survival movie with mortal Nagash as the serial killer and Dark Elves as the people caught up in it?

Although it wouldn’t surprise me if those familiars were just zombie equivalents this Torgillius channels.  Much like how Nagash has dominion over all necromantic  constructs.

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7 hours ago, flamingwalnut said:

This is definitely a buy at this point, especially because I feel like I am at a better point to actually play a separate game like Warhammer Quest. 

I definitely feel this.  None of my friends play AoS, and the GW store is a bit far to visit regularly, even when Covid is over.  But a stand alone board game like Warhammer Quest I can probably get players together for.

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42 villain models, trying to count them all up, we've got:

Radukar the Wolf - Russian themed vampire ogre.  That's a neat concept, but as a model I'd be more likely to run him as a man eater in an ogre army than as a vampire lord in a soulblight one, so mixed feelings here.

Torgillius the necromancer

Vyrkos and his two feral vampire buddies

Watch Captain Halgrim the wight king looking halberd skeleton

Gorslav the Gravekeeper

The varghulf-looking monster thing that apparently is not a new plastic varghulf

2 ogre zombies

10 regular zombies

10 armored skeletons with spears

6 rat swarms

At least 3 bat swarm

Looks like maybe some lone cats or giant rats, maybe, but those might be tokens?  If these are just counters of some kind, then that leaves room for 6 total bat swarms to get to the 42 hostiles count.

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1 minute ago, Lich King said:

I think the Rat Searms will be a part of that necromancer dude. Warscroll-wise I see a lot of these models getting lobbed together as units. Such as him and the three rat models

doesn't look like it from the pictures, and the way the models were displayed in the preview.  Rat swarms seem to be narratively tied to the necromancer dude, but very much considered to be their own separate models counting toward the total '42 hostiles'.  We're now seeing pictures with the full box set contents, so there aren't any more mystery models left to be revealed.  There are some individual cats or rats or something - hard to tell from the picture - and those seem to be counted as tokens rather than 'hostiles' in their own right.

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A note, looking at the picture of the whole set laid out, yeah, the ogre vampire in the close up pictures is not shown to scale.  His base size looks to be the same as the necromancer.  I did a quick re-scaling, and he's more like this:


Still not exactly huge by ogre standards, but distinctly larger than what is already a pretty big dude in the necromancer, and a fair bit bigger than other infantry sized models in the set.


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