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Alarith Stoneguard Modeling Loadout


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Having solely used Vanari thus far, I'm trying to get my Alarith components assembled and painted in time for the Hurakan. 

Having never used Stoneguard, I was wondering how players have been using theirs? I have 20 Alarith to play with and generally wan to do 10 of each. I guess my question is this: should I model 1, 2 or 3 dual hammer models, if any? I have a wide variety of opponents so I want to model for versatility. I'm thinking:

1) 10 each of the picks and mallets, 2 Seneschals 1 with pick, 1 with mallet

2) 10 each of the picks and mallets, 2 Seneschals with Stratum hammers

3) 10 each of the picks and mallets, 2 Seneschals--one with Stratum hammers, the other with pick or hammer

4) 10 each of the picks and mallets, 3 Seneschals all with Stratum hammers

5) 10 each of the picks and mallets, 3 Seneschals, 1 with Stratum hammers, 1 with pick, 1 with mallet



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Game-wise the champion special weapon is worse than the normal one and the same goes for the standard bearer..

If you use a unit of 15 the banner is a good choice, otherwise I would build them all as normal stoneguard..

If you just want the rule of cool build one og each for each of your different units! 😉 

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I had the same issue, and decided to build 2 Stratum Hammers and 1 Mallet in the end. Going for three so that could split 1 unit in 2 5s. I went purely for the look though, I’m going to use them all as the same weapon as the unit has, to not having to roll on yet another profile (if people don’t object of course).

As Siegfried said, the hammers are worse or only on par with the other weapons, they slightly beat picks against 6+ armor, that’s all. 

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