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Greetings TGA

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Hello everyone! 
This years new year resolution was to get out of my comfort zone and push my anxiety and depression to the side to get to know my fellow Warhammer enthusiast on the internet a little better. 

Brief about me: I am a massive Warhammer fan. I have a giant collection that I have worked up over the past 10+ years that lets me enjoy all their games, be it AoS (my favorite), 40K, or even WHFB. I am a follower of tzeentch in many ways with a Demon, Arcanite, thousand sons, chaos knight, and traitor guard army all dedicated to the changer of ways. I spend more time hobbling than actually playing, because issues I listed above but I really want to get out of my comfort zone and start gaming more, going to conventions, and just meeting some new wonderful fellow hobbyists/gamers.  

Aside from tzeentch I have a Ogor Mawtribes army that’s on squares for the option to play them in whfb. With the new “Old World” game coming I may be switching these big fellas to rounds and letting whfb finally die out for me as I doubt they will be in the game. However this task seems rather daunting and may not ever happen as I don’t really want to mess anything in the army up and it’s rather large. 

either way that about sums up me, I look forward to chatting with you all and getting to know the community a little better!

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