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The Hathorians: An Unofficial AoS faction (Homebrew Lore and Paint blog)


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Hey everyone :)

So, here we are at the end of 2020, it's been a crazy ride. As the year comes to an end I've started to think about how I want my hobby to look like in 2021, and a big part of that is definitely homebrew lore writing. When I first started getting into Warhammer I started with Seraphon, just so natural given my love for dinosaurs and mesoamerican culture, morphing the two together is just genius to me. However, time marches on my interest in a select few factions has happened, the Lumineth being the main one (Deepkin and new Slaanesh being the other two) and with that means I get to do more homebrew! With the release of the Lumineth and their battle-cattle the door has been open on so many conversion/kitbashes, and that's where this blog comes into play

I love Minotaurs, but I dont like that isn't a a non chaos-aligned games workshops interpretation of them, so taking matters into my own unofficial hands, I have created my own Minotaur race for AOS. This minotaur race resides in Hysh and is not chaos aligned and does have shakey relations with the Lumineth, in particular the Syar. 

This blog is hopefully a launching point to possibly turning my homebrew into an unofficial battletome for myself. 


Any tips anyone has for battletome creating would be awesome! As i'm not a great artist, nor have money to hire an artist, most of the pictures for this will likely be either of my kitbashes or art that loosely represents what i have in my head (sourcing the artist when able or using those with a watermark).

I'm going to reserve the first few comment sections to fill in, and add to/edit as i go and as I receive more feedback.

I hope you enjoy this as much as i have and continue to love creating and building :)

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“There on the brink of destruction, when all hope was lost for the small village of Yriqual Tor in Ilithia, the sound of slaughter was drowned out by massive war horns and a small glimmer of hope was restored as the ground trembled. The Slaaneshi mortals standing over the innocent wounded, dead & dying look up, with their blood-stained teeth grinding their twisted expressions melting away at the sight before them. A thunderous charge from a Hathorian war party sends the chaos raiders into a panic, many being gored with massive horns, trampled under hooves or smashed with massive hammers. Those aelven villagers still alive looked upon the new slaughter, the hunters had quickly become the prey. Just then a portal began to open, and a greater demon of Slaanesh appeared and sorrow again filled the villager's hearts. The Hathorians continued to fight, though they held their own the greater demon began to turn the tide as it ripped through the minotaur race. As the chaos forces regrouped and pushed back the ground below them began to grow feverishly with plant life, species of light bursting vine, flowers that burned with the light of hysh began to spring up and subdue the tainted mortals. A deafening cry let out; a voice full of anger. In a display of blinding light, the Goddess Haset leapt at the Greater Demon of Slaanesh and gored it with her own horns through the heart, with her weapons cut off each of its four arms and soon sealing the portal to the chaos realm. Seeing the greater demon dispatched the mortals turned and ran, but it was too late as they were ran down or eradicated by magic.” - History of Yriqual Tor, Twin Spirit Peaks of the Ilithia Nation 

The Hathorians 

Within the realm of light’s mountains and highlands, a once broken power begins to rise. Ruined ancient cities, fortresses, and towns are reborn in short order, as High Priestesses enact the will of their deity. The isolation of the Hathorians draws to an end, the voice of Haset has spoken and so the war horns sound.  

Ushered in by the sound of beautiful war hymns, prayers, and giant war horns, the Hathorians strike both awe and terror into allies and foes alike. When the armies of Haset march forth from their holds they do so in massive cohorts, columns of ivory masks, long shaggy fur, and armor made of fine brass work. Large hulking bovine warriors march out in formation, clutching ancient weapons, they move against those who oppose their diety and with sacred duty and honor decimate all who threaten the balance of Hysh, alongside them with the guidance of skilled hunters' behemoths trample foes underfoot, gore with large horns and tusks or maul with savage maws.  

As the enemy’s forces deal with the frontal assault, their flanks are swiftly overtaken as masked riders atop ferocious Taurarox and Ursian mounts carve a path of death. Those who can run from the slaughter are met with arrows that are more than half a man's length, the bolts spiking its victims to the very ground they tried to despoil. The High Priestesses of the Hathorians are often found in the thick of battle, their hymns and prayers being sung from atop of a mighty Mountain Manok, a behemoth comparable in size to a Thundertusk or amongst their warrior-priests on foot.  

Each High Priestess is chosen to guide a tribe of Hathorians, each tribe is set to defend key areas of importance throughout Hysh, their charge is to maintain balance and order. As new threats arise in the Age of Chaos and beyond, Haset has sent her followers forth into the other realms, securing locations deemed important for reasons beyond their comprehension. True harbingers of order, to hear the warhorns and war hymns of the Hathorians is to hear the calm before the storm, a storm that does not break.  

The Hathorians above all else seek true balance and restoration of the realms, they seek what was lost before the age of Chaos and even what was before the Age of Myth. In this sacred crusade, many foes and allies alike have brought the righteous ire of the Hathorians to bear upon them for unholy acts.  

During the Spirefall, the Great Nation of Syar brought great devastation upon itself, along the southwest coast two rivals battled for supremacy, soon one engulfed the other and ambition lead the bloodshed outside of the great nation's borders. Soon Syarian weaponry landed on the Ilthian shore, great devastation was brought upon their aelf kin and Hysh itself, battles lasted weeks or months. It was not the swift retribution of rival Syar aelves or even the matriarchs of Iithia that ended the bloodshed beyond Syar’s borders, it was the High Priestess Heba who unleashed Haset’s fury upon those unlucky aelves 

After the razing of small villages in the highlands of the Twin Peaks region and in some cases tearing the reality of hysh itself apart, the Syar general Aelsian from Tor Talak in Syar began to head to the next village, a key trade center rumored to have mass amounts of gold, aetherquartz, and ancient scrolls, the village was deemed necessary to capture. However, upon reaching a massive river the aelven army could not cross, they turned round to only be faced with a foreign-looking force, so large was the cohort in front of them that it would be like marching against the raging rapids of the river themselves. Though the Aelves fought valiantly it was in vain, the strength and mastery of hysh itself gave a swift victory to the High Priestess and her Hathorian warriors. After driving the small remainder of the Syar army into the sea, Heba and her Priestesses worked to seal and heal the damage to the region before disappearing again, only to become a rumor amongst taverns and parlors in the Aelven cities. 

Created by the Goddess Haset, an Avatar of Hysh, the Hathorians live amongst the mountains and highlands of Hysh. A bovine shamanistic race, they have stood guard in defense of the realm since before the Age of Myth and the arrival of the Twin Gods Tyrion and Teclis. The Hathorian Nation is divided into individual principalities that work as one, they protect strategic positions or watch over sundered areas of Hysh that await the healing prayers and hymns of Haset by the Goddess herself or the coven of Hasetians; the leading High Priestesses of each principality. Having been chosen by Haset herself, High Priestesses are second only to the Goddess herself within the matriachy that makes up their society. 

In times of peace the Hathorians have built a thriving matriarchal society, and through the teachings of Haset have learned to communicate and call the aid of the Ancients in times of war. These Whisperers of Ancients are able to talk in the tongue of the Aelementals of Hysh, or Ancients to the Hathorians, with logic and reasoning these Whisperers create a bond with each Ancient. On Beams of Light, Wings of the Wind, Rockslides of the Mountain or the strong Rapids of the River, a Whisperer of Ancients brings with them the fury of Haset’s most ancient of allies. 
The bulk of the Hathorian Cohorts are made of large, muscular, long haired and horned male Hathorians, created by the Avatar of Hysh for war. The cohorts of Haset are primarily made up of Warriors and Hunters, both filling multiple roles within the war machine. From the honored and revered Mountain Guardians that can tear the limbs off an Orruk with little effort, to the young Hathorian initiate that stands taller than a human adult and the strength of a work horse, the warrior caste sees the bloodiest parts of battle. Hunters are utilized with their natural connection with the fauna and flora of Hysh, often riding on the backs of Mighty Mountain and Highland War Manoks, with large ballista on top of mighty platforms, or tipping their large man-sized arrows with sap that burst into exploding light when it strikes a foe. Their war chieftains atop ferocious Taurarox charge headlong into enemy lines, followed by savage Ursian riders the enemy lines crumble under the onslaught. When not at war both the warrior and hunter castes are the back bone of society, they are tasked with the construction of Hathorian cvilization and the feeding of the populous. Standing as tall or taller than a Stormcast Eternal, and weighing half a ton, their immense strength allows them to crush boulders with their hammers or hunt the largest of beasts. Covered in either smooth short or shaggy long hair, many sporting different colors and patterns – the Hathorian race does not have any deformities like the Beasts of Chaos, although due to similarities have been mistaken as such. 

Although the Hathorians were made for war, the race with Haset’s guidance does not shy away from diplomacy. Treaties and peace are valued, even if at times as a tool to bide time, putting off the demise of one to focus on the annihilation of another. Being highly skilled in both war and diplomacy has allowed the Hathorians to survive when others have fallen, to rise when before on the brink of their destruction. In the defense of Vulgas, Hysh in the Hathorian language, the Hathorians have clashed with Chaos, Gods and mortals alike, including the Lumineth, over the millennia. When dealing with external conflicts outside of Valgus, they prefer to think of non-violent solutions before war is called upon, for when they leave the light of Haset or Vulgas behind, the Hathorians reveal a bestial side with violent and dark urges. Without the elixir made by Haset herself, the Cohorts of of the Hathorians would turn into ravaging horde, a flaw Haset could not have predicted. In Ghur the transformation happens 10-fold, the first Hathorian expedition into Beast Realm ended in the loss of a whole Cohort to madness, villages and fortified cities alike were bloodied and razed; only barely a Greentide was able to quell the bestial horde. 
Their Ilithian allies describe the  Hathorians as stoic, embodying the strong and silent type with their quiet contemplation. This quiet thoughtful disposition is highly respected by the Aelves of Hysh, Ilithia in particular, as they respect sound and thoughtful thinking. This high intelligence and calculated reasoning combined with the immense size and strength also make them to be considered dangerous by many, even their own allies and in particular those of the Great Nation of Sayr. A highly spiritual and shamanistic society, the Hathorians pay homage to the Ancients, or Aelements to the Lumineth, they live in the shadows of. Among the mountains and within the highlands they live one can hear the throat singing Whisperers, and the Ancients delighting in their songs, all worship Haset above all else, the Mother Spirit.  


Hathorian Society is a Matriarchy with Haset being at the top and her chosen High Priestesses guiding the rest of the principalities that make up the Hathorian Nation, however beyond the chosen, advancement through both society and military on a basic level is through show of might and impressing the matriarchs or the trusted few war chieftains of the principality. For although the High Priestesses have the final word through Haset’s voice, leadership is broken into three roles below the High Priestess: Honored Warchief, Honored Master Hunter and Honored Ancient Whisperer. Leadership below the chosen few of Haset within a principality may be challenged for, however a Hathorian must reach the age of two-hundred human years to enact a challenge. Ensuring that those challenging have had time to gather the experience needed for the trials ahead, One must be able to show more than strength of body, but also of mind and spirit, for Hathorians know all too well that strength alone does not defend Valgus.


High Priestess of Haset is the Spiritual leader and connection to Haset herself to the tribe, this honored standing may only be filled by a female; the less common among the Hathorians. For the Trial of Haset to take place, and a new High Priestess of a principality to be chosen, death must find a previous High Priestess. The few chosen to ascend beyond a mere Priestess are among the most noble, most dedicated Priestesses of Haset, blinding visions and an enchanting hymn barrage their very being. Every nerve and sense brought to an overloaded state, it is not until the priestess finds her center, her balance that she is able to open her eyes to face the light in front of her, and sings the Hymns hidden meaning does the Hathorian Priestess find clarity. However, doom finds those not able to face the light of Haset or find the message in her hymn, soon as their senses dissolve, so does their mind and body. The soul of one chosen to ascend however finds its way back to Haset and her Temple, where the Goddess works to nurture the soul more before being remade.  in the end, of the handful chosen by the Goddess herself, only one will make it through their trial to ascension. The High Priestess of Haset is considered to be the most connected to the Realm, to Haset and the most gifted magic user of the principality they reside; said to be blessed by Haset herself. High Priestesses over time turn to beacons of light, freed from their physical form if and when they wish, while their counterparts in the Priest Hood of Hashut, the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers, who turn to stone or shadowy obsidian. Once chosen as the Goddess’s conduit, a High Priestess of Haset will be such until they are slain, for Hathorians do not die of old age. 



Honored Whisperer of Ancients is who the tribe looks to for guidance and the running of the tribe on the day to day, they are the face the tribe sees when authority speaks in time of peace. More often a female than a male, whisperers share similarities with the bonding of Ancients as do the High Priestesses with Haset, though the few males to be called a whisperer have proven worthy of the calling. When hearing disputes between disagreeing Hathorians, if judged a worthy issue the Honored Whisperer will either issue a Ukase, decreeing a verdict or will have the two parties settle the issue through a primal show of strength to settle the dispute. Along the role of tribal elder, the Honored Whisperer of Ancients sees over each House of Ancients and those whisperers who commune in them. A master of the four Ancient tongues and have bonded with all four of the Ancient Spirits, the Honored Whisperer is the keeper of knowledge to the aelements of Hysh that Haset has passed down. This leadership position may only be succeeded by a show of knowledge, a testament to the bond between whisperer and the four ancients, and completing a series of trials by each Ancient spirit and Haset, the new challanger either passes or is found unworthy and sent to meditate and grow their bond stronger, if a challenge is reissued and the challenger fails again, they are instead crushed under the weight of their trial. 


Honored Warchief is considered the physically strongest, battle hardened, tactically gifted of the tribe. When the current Honored Warchief is challenged, per the Haset Ukase, the current Honored Warchief may either accept and start the Trial of Honor & War or they may decline and yield to the challenger; to try and retain control after defeat is to go against Haset. To be the High Warchief is to be in charge of all things associated with war, defense of the principality and possible territory expansion, it is not uncommon for a female Hathorian to gain and maintain this position for generations. 

Honored Master Hunter is second only to the High Warchief in physical strength and second to none in knowing the landscapes and what it has to offer. The Honored Master Hunter is in charge of the hunters of the tribe, who serve as the eyes, ears of the Nation. Masters of creating bestial bonds with the fauna of Hysh, allowing for the unleashing of powerful mounts and behemoths to be used in battle. With their great knowledge of the landscape, they are also responsible for selecting the land to which the cultivation of food is done, from farming to herding of animals. 

Although each oversees a different aspect of the tribe's complex society, each much get the agreement of a majority agreement or the blessing of the High Priestess for any major plans with long lasting effects. This ensure one leader does not become sick with power, to maintain balance and to ensure the plan is sound. Ultimately the High Priestess has the final word, as her word is considered to be the voice of Haset. Although all seat of leadership is viewed as a high honor, it is considered a higher honor to be called to be a Whisperer or chosen to be a Priestess, the warrior and hunter caste are considered common. 

Societal Ladder: 

Priests > Whisperers > Warriors = Hunters, Female > Male 

(flag done by the wonderful @Gecktron)

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A being of pure light and a primordial avatar of Hysh, Haset commands the light and magics of the realm as a master weaver controls a needle, all with the sound of her voice. On the battlefield the foe is mesmerized, not only by the slaughter before them as she is potent in melee, but also because of the hymns and prayers she sings. As whole enemy regiments burst into searing light or worse, her prayer weaving causes veteran and new recruit alike to flee. For her people, the Hathorians, she is the Mother Spirit and a beacon of hope that does not falter. Her charge is to maintain the fluid natural balance of Hysh with the Mortal realms, in particular with Ulgu, at any cost. Without balance there can only be Chaos. 



The Goddess Haset of the Hathorian Nation is an ancient twin god that resides in Hysh, her twin residing in Ulgu. Possibly as old as the Realm itself the goddess has seen the realm grow and evolve, along with the civilizations that grow and crumble within it. Her form glows with the light of Hysh as her spirit within is pure light itself, blinding and purifying it is only when she dims her light can mortals look upon her. As light is and can be an infinite number of colors Haset also is and can be numerous different forms, no one however but the High Priestesses of Haset know her true form. Rumors spread of an Aelven woman with a bovine head with six horns, within the two top horns a large disc is held. Others say they see the form of a beautiful white bovine, not dissimilar to the Ymetrica Longhorn. The most outlandish tales tell of a symbol that dances in radiant shades of light as it whispers messages of Wisdom.  Only one thing is constant in any of the sightings beyond the raging light: The Sphere above her head. 



The Age of Primordials is a time before the Age of Myth where many Gods contend for the Mortal Realms, before any events leading to the Age of Sigmar there is war, peace and forgotten histories. These Gods and Goddesses formed mighty Kingdoms and empires, many spanning multiple realms. Not only did Gods claim the realms but as did Godbeasts, Behemoths, even rumored empires under the surface before the arrival of the Skaven. The Age of Primordials is a time of carnage, within the realms themselves even in the absence of Chaos death is not rare. However, even as the drums of war sound, so does understanding and advancement march forward. In these times mortals can do little but pray to their deity for protection and prosperity.  



Eons before the Age of Myth there was a Great Awakening throughout the Mortal Realms, if this was the first or one-hundredth time no one can be sure, but life sprang forth. From the smallest insect to Gods and Goddesses, life seemed untamed and its expanse continued unhalted for generations. These Gods and Goddesses were physical manifestations of the realms themselves, imbued with the realms natural raw magics. Among the mad expanse of life came the goddess Haset and the five Surya or five Light Avatars (or also known as Solar Gods) in the realm of Valgus, or what would become known as Hysh.  
Haset’s existence, along with the other Surya, began in a burst of light and in that moment a consciousness was born, with Haset being the strongest of the five. According to Hathorian legend, Haset and the Surya came into being when beams of purest light from the highest reaches of Valgus raced downwards, willing itself to take form instead of being absorbed by the realm. With a conscience the new Goddess and the other Surya began to travel the lands as one, in golden fields met by forests of permanent autumn leaves the Solar Gods walked. The purity and natural balance about them made these beings of light joyous, their radiant light helping to promote the growth of the realm about them. 
Other Gods of Valgus created new races to populate the lands or took under their guidance the primitive beings that already existed, they began to build vast empires. Each God swore a pact of harmony and balance, this meant no war between them, access for their people to each other's dominions, not to steal the loyalty and prayers of the races that were not of their domains, and to swear loyalty to Valgus above all else; even themselves. Peace was the agreement and that each God could do as they pleased within their own kingdoms. For centuries the peace lasted, as the realms were virtually endless there was no contentment's for prized territory, for everywhere offered bountiful reward.  

The Surya more of nomads had little interest in creation, rather their calling was to the maintaining of the already existing realm of light. Haset however was different, her interest in having her own creation was stronger than the other Surya, she however did not look to primitive beings or the other numerous races of the Gods for inspiration, instead she looked to the wildlife of Valgus. Over time, Haset found an animal that could serve as a canvas for her creation, the long-horned bovine that walked the mountains that Haset loved to look down upon from high in the stratosphere. No fear of the slopes they walked, strong, intelligent and immortal like the goddess herself. Haset saw qualities of these beasts that were far nobler than that of the mortal races that occupied the realm, still she could not bring herself to spring forth life so carelessly like the others.  

For centuries the Surya travelled Hysh, teaching new kingdoms of the importance of balance in everything and to not give into excess, and those who did not heed their warnings were wiped from the realm in a blaze of light. At times the Surya found conflict with the other Gods, those deities that soon became overridden with ego and power. Together the Solar Gods would wage crusades against those gods who had forgotten the path of symmetry and harmony, for those that reached too far. The Surya had effectively become the realms guardians, in the same way that a fever fights an infection, they purify the realm of infection and impurities; their loyalty solely to the preservation of the realm, Hasets being the fiercest. 

Over time Haset became known to many what she called Ancients, the Lumineth would come to call them Aelementals, and mortals as the Mother Spirit, for her tending of the land and its people was akin to how a mother tends to their offspring, where she and the Surya went prosperity and order followed. Those kingdoms that listened to the teachings of the Traveling Suns, in particular Haset, lasted centuries and those linages that kept to the path of their teachings never ceased to rule. Soon kingdoms began to rebel against the Gods that created them, all swearing allegiance to Haset and the Surya. Soon Haset saw the equilibrium of the realm begin to shift, balance had been lost and the remaining Gods that were not of the Surya began to take notice, how do those that do not create have loyalty of our creations? Jealousies grew. 

Haset’s travels found her communing with the lands of Hysh, strengthening her ties and also her power. As her bond with Hysh grew Haset gained allies within some of powerful alemental spirits, over the course ages she learned the Ancients tongues, and she taught them her own. It was among two of these spirits Haset made her home, and trusted in their protection; the Twin Peak spirits of what would be known as Ilithia. The Twin Peaks are among a large mountain range in northern Ilithia, south of the great sea that separates Ilithia and Syar, the two peaks are highest peaks and in fact volcanoes. 

 As the other gods begin to plot against the Surya, Haset becomes reclusive, and hides herself from all others, even her sisters and brothers of light. 

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Very small update showing what I have as an idea for the roster, the army will be a quality vs horde theme, this section will eventually have alliegance abilities, etc

Priests – Magic user/ranged 

  • Exalted High Priestess Heba 

  • High Priestess of Haset 

  • Priestess of Haset 

  • Warrior Priest (melee/support spells) 

Whisperers of Ancients- Magic user/melee 

  • Honored Master Whisperer of Ancients 

  • Whisperer of the Sameer (Wind Temple) Ancient takes form of Peryton (winged elk) 

  • Whisperer of the Kaibab (Alarith Temple) Ancient takes form of Ymeritcan Longhorn 

  • Whisperer of the Atchafalaya (River temple) Ancient takes form of Ilithian Water Buffalo 

  • Whisperer of the Mapiya (Zenith Temple) Ancient takes Form of a Light Kirin 

Warriors – Melee 

  • Honored Warchief 

  • Warchief on Taurarox 

  • Honored Warchief’s Champion 

  • Mountain Guaridans 

  • Beastial Champions 

  • Hathorian Warriors 

  • Hathorian Warcalf 

Hunters – Ranged & Melee

  • Honored Master Hunter 

  • War Manok (Behemoth) 

  • Manok Thunderbow Archers with Large Thunderbow crew (Behemoth) 

  • Tauraphinx (Behemoth, flying hyshian winged bull) 

  • Ursian Riders 

  • Slope Riders 

  • Thunderbow Archers 

  • Javalin throwers 

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Notes Section: 

  • Temples of Ancients (Aelementals) Names in Hathorian Language: Sameer = South Wind, Wind - Kaibab = On the Mountain - Atchafalaya = Long River - Mapiya = Sky, Above Earth 

  • The Mortal Realm names in Hathorian Language: Valgus (Light) = Hysh, Vari (Shadows) = Ulgu Taevas (Heavens) = Azyr, Tulekahju (fire) = Aquishy, Elejas (Beast) = Ghur, Elu (Life) = Ghyran, Malmur (metal) = Chamon, Surm (Death) = Shyish. Subrealm between Valgus & Vari is Aga (Discipline), the realm is split between Haset and Hashut 

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21 hours ago, Sinarai said:

Notes Section: 

  • Temples of Ancients (Aelementals) Names in Hathorian Language: Sameer = South Wind, Wind - Kaibab = On the Mountain - Atchafalaya = Long River - Mapiya = Sky, Above Earth 

  • The Mortal Realm names in Hathorian Language: Valgus (Light) = Hysh, Vari (Shadows) = Ulgu Taevas (Heavens) = Azyr, Tulekahju (fire) = Aquishy, Elejas (Beast) = Ghur, Elu (Life) = Ghyran, Malmur (metal) = Chamon, Surm (Death) = Shyish. Subrealm between Valgus & Vari is Aga (Discipline), the realm is split between Haset and Hashut 

Updated this section for easier access to notes I make about the homebrew, including Hathorian language translations. This, as with the other sections, will continue to grow as I write more :)

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Really like your conversions, you've clearly put a lot of thought into this faction. I love the idea that these guys are rational and enlightened so long as they're in Hysh but they start to degenerate into mindless savages if they leave.  That's a really cool and evocative idea and for me personally hooks like that are more interesting than the specifics of their social hierarchy. 

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24 minutes ago, Orsino said:

Really like your conversions, you've clearly put a lot of thought into this faction. I love the idea that these guys are rational and enlightened so long as they're in Hysh but they start to degenerate into mindless savages if they leave.  That's a really cool and evocative idea and for me personally hooks like that are more interesting than the specifics of their social hierarchy. 

Thank you! Ever since GW released the Bull Themed Aelementals for the Lumineth I've been busy brainstorming and putting ideas to paper, eventually bringing them more to life (as seen here). Definitely putting a lot of thought, research, etc into em, want them to fit as naturally as possible into AOS. 

Yeah, Hooks like that are nice for sure, and admittedly I'm probably going more into detail than is needed with their society etc lol but definitely part of the fun for me.

Real glad you're enjoying what I have so far in ways of conversions, lore, etc.

More definitely coming in 2021 when I can, hoping to do a few more kitbashes for them

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Looks awesome when dried, I think! I still need to finish him up, but I kept messing up sections last night by accidentally pressing on spots, so just let it dry overnight. I am really getting the windy, long, thick fur I was going for, that mountain/highland feel.

Going to finish up tue rest of his body today, really excited. For the next two Im going to try using tweezers, it was suggested to me via a discord discussion, so we'll see how that turns out also :)






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Hey everyone!

It has been a big day! I was able to prime and start painting my first Hathorian! I am super proud of the outcome of this kitbash, and I only hope the rest turn out as well or better. The greenstuff work is far from perfect, but I'm super proud of the fur I was able to sculpt, and I definitely look forward to the next!

As this is my first Hathorian, and officially my Eltherion stand in, this will either be an Honored Warchief or a regular Warchief on foot and will be named. I am still debating on a name, but hoping to have one and some homebrew for him

The color scheme for the fur is influenced heavily by Highland Cows (or Coo's?), I love red-browns and it was already the color palette I was thinking. My original plan for the armor was to follow suit with my Wardens, however the orange makes it a bit too monotone, so I am instead going with a blue-grey; like Haset’s skin. Still debating on the shield color...

Still WIP and still working on the fur 

Would love any thoughts or C&C!










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On 1/6/2021 at 2:39 AM, LuminethMage said:

Great stuff, waiting for the Hathorians Batltetome!  : ) 

Thank you! 

Me too! Haha! That'll hopefully be done in a few months / end of the year.  I still need to figure out abilities, units, etc. Lots of work ahead of me!

Thanks for the support 😊

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Here is a update from my working on him yesterday :)

I think I have the fur down at this point, I may do one more light wash, but i like the color differences in the different spots but that are still similar enough to not be out of place. 

I also got a good amount of work done on his shoulder armor. I was trying to think what colors represented the Hathorians so this is what I came up with: The Blues represent the sky and clouds (Zenith for Lumineth), the yellow represents light (Haset) while the birch white represents the ground and live below the higher planes. 

I really like symbolism or meaning behind my models, so it was important for me to find the reasons for the colors before really committing to them.

More to come including the first Warscroll for the Hathorian race :)









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