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Shambling Horde



Hello, I have a question about Zombies and the Shambling Horde ability in relation to the banner. Now I think I already know the answer which I believe would be no but here goes nothing. So I have about 100 zombies thanks to fantasy and 10 banners, though I run them in units of 20. If I merge my goons (say, 2 units of 20 into one big bus of 40) a la shambling horde, do the effects if the banners stack? Aka I can raise 2d6 zombies back until the unit(s) return to starting size. The warscroll seems to tell me no based off of the wording as it goes something like "if a unit has *any* banners you can raise d6..." and "if two or more units are within 1... can merge into a *single* unit" (aka 30 goons merge w/ 3 banners but because they merged they become one unit so only get d6... seems counter productive.) But I guess 100 man strong zombie meat grinder that can replenish 10d6 lost boys per turn without the use of spells might be a bit much maybe? But I love tar pits :(

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