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Hallowheart 1k beginner army

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Hey guys,

i'm completely new to AOS and want to start with my first 1k army soon.

I've been thinking about the folloing army list for starting off:


Freeguild General (100)


3x Battlemage (330)


2x10 Freeguild Guard (160)

10 Greatswords (140)

Helstorm Rocket Battery (130)


Hallowheart (140)

This would bring me to exactly 1k points for a starter army. 

Would this be somewhat decent? I feel like it could be way to little infantry to protect the mages and the artillery.

Should i drop the Helstorm for more frontline? How would you set Hallowheart up for a cheap 1k army?

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3 mages + general + battalion seems a bit overkill in 1k. 570pts in just characters lacks flexibility and you may struggle holding objectives.

Greatswords are solid blenders especially with the recent points drop.

Helstorm arent great on their own but they can do well if you have a bunch with buffs.

I'd probably drop a mage and the battalion. Then maybe add a unit of handgunners and another 10 greatswords.

Alternatively if you want to keep most of the magic I'd consider Sisters of the Thorn or a Knight Incantor. Still wizards but these have a bit more utility.

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