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King Hardouin the Servant


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Once upon a time, during the lost Age of Myth, there lived a Human King by the name of Hardouien. Heir to the Raven Throne of old, he wished naught but what he believed to be best for this loyal subjects. As he would learn however, there is a natural order of things within the Mortal Realms not for mere Humans to meddle in...

Hi everyone and welcome to my Work-in-Progress blog on old King Hardouin and his loyal guard. Once a noble mortal king, now reduced to an enraged spirit in service to a greater power.

The boxes for them just arrived:


I hope I got your interest ;) I am looking forward to working on them, here's to hoping they come out as I envision them!

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When Hardouin took to the Throne he inherited a kingdom seemingly blessed by the Gods. Harvests were plentiful, despite the cold and harsh climate. Besides that, the surrounding tribes of Orruks and Ogors always seemed to steer clear of Human settlements. The only matter that blighted the Kingdom was the fact that the most beautiful and strong of their youth would inexplicably disappear before coming of age. It had happened for as long as anyone could remember and many wild stories surrounded this unknown curse. Having lost his own sister to it, young King Hardouin had determined to root out the cause once and for all.

Hey all!

First progress has been made:


Individual models:



The models are currently Blu-tacked so I can add some rubble to the base and after that I will do some gap-filling on the ghosts. I am hoping to get the feeling across that the spirits are floating through the rubble :)

Let me know what you think!

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So, the project took a lot longer than I anticipated :D but the Spirits are finished!

Spirit 1


More pictures:



Spirit 2


More pictures:



Spirit 3


More Pictures:



It took me a long time to get the reds right and I'm still not entirely convinced :( Very pleased with the stonework though :) 

Also, I am interested to hear your opinions on the ghostly fog effect. It's made from bits of cotton with red and beige washes stippled on. It looks decent to me but tips on foggy effects would be great to hear!

I hope you like them, let me know what you think!

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