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What do you do with old models?


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On 11/24/2020 at 12:27 PM, Tibus367 said:

I started this hobby about two years ago.  At the time I carefully reviewed each faction, picked out what I thought were the best looking models, and got to work with my demons of Khorne.  It was fun even if I lost most of the time and misunderstood a lot of the rules.  Since then I have moved on to Sylvaneth, and now my third army is my Gutbuster Ogors.  Not to mention Warcry and Beastgrave.  I love them all, but my Khorne army is special.  Blood, skulls, and heavy metal rock.  What is not to love?  Of course my painting skills have gotten better over the past two years.  The stuff I paint now looks way better than a lot of my first Khorne models.  Sometimes I get out a Blood Warrior and just cringe at how horrible it looks.  I feel a little shame putting them on the table when I have so many other better looking models.  Not everything is horrible, but most of them would look so much better if I were painting them today.  So I have been thinking about what to do with my beloved first army.  Should I attempt to repaint them?  Expand my Khorne army in some new way and just keep my old models in the back where no one will see them?

What every happened to the first set of models that you ever painted?

If these are metal models, they're easily stripped and repainted.  If they're plastic, and your paint jobs weren't super thick and gloppy, just touch them up in places, maybe another highlight layer(s), some shade-wash.  Many of my old models when I was still playing with them just needed some more skillfully steady-handed border cleanup, where some wobbly colors went onto areas of a different color, and they shading was messy cuz that was before GW invented their awesome shade-washes! 

That's if you want to keep playing with them.  

However, if you don't want to play with them, or display them, sell them on eBay or some other venue, or trade them.  

Post pictures and then we can diagnose better :D


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