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Hi I’m veteran to 40k of many years and have several armies of differing sizes and states of completion. I’ve been wanting  to take the plunge into the Mortal Realms for some time and I am going to become involved with both WarCry and AoS. I have the digital Battle Tome for Blades of Khorne and  a digital copy of the WarCry rule book, as well as the cards for BoK mortals. I also have a few minis. I own the Slaughter Priest with hackblade that came free with WD a few years ago, Karanak, The Lord of Plagues and a Chaos Sorcerer Lord.  I plan building and playing a few overlapping Chaos armies. I want build and play Blades of Khorne (mortals and daemons), Maggotkin of Nurgle (mortals and daemons) Hedonites of Slaanesh (mortals and daemons) and Slaves to Darkness with some units ported over from the other armies. I look forward to being part of your community and will no doubt being asking questions about army construction, as building lists for 40k is very different with regard to how list are built for Sigmar, especially regarding how allies interact with each other. I would also like to share some of my painting and modelling with the community’ as time goes on.

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Hail and well met, traveler! If you're looking for answers, help, or explanations, you couldn't have picked a better place!

There are threads dedicated to each of the armies in AOS, and they're a great place to get list-building ideas, find out what is and isn't competitive, and get a grasp of the rules and conventions of the game. 

You've jumped in at a very exciting time! AoS's equivalent to Psychic Awakening has just begun, and the first installment have blown away most folks expectations (in a good way!) They've also just previewed a few units in what looks to be a massive and long anticipated release of Slaanesh's mortal forces.  Sounds like your timing is perfect!


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