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Who is the sexiest character in AoS?


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Just a bit of lockdown fun with tongue planted in cheek. It's a pretty broad question so feel free to go for a specific character, a model or maybe even something that only exists in black library.

Personally as much as I love Idoneth It's a bit hard to stare lovingly into a pair of sockets. Plus there are only so many soul raids you can go on before date night starts to get a bit samey.

I'd have to go for witch elves to be honest. Toned body, lots of hair, a little bit of a dominant streak... what's not to like?

I wouldn't mind taking one for a ride on my eel if you know what I mean.

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I've always thought Esske, one half of Syll'Esske, has a powerful Handsome Squidward energy going on.



Also, y'know, he's part of a power couple. The only power couple in any GW game to have their own portmanteu name. Not quite Brangelina or what have you but that's solid, stable. Stability is sexy.

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Come on guys I can't be the only one who can't keep my eyes off of the Keeper of Secret's alluring androgyny (also way sexier than the hyper-feminized off-brand knock-offs, fite me). 

Honourable mention to Katakros though. Literally chiselled statue-of-david sexiness combined with prominent "package" is a win. 

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