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Mixed Army Battle-Line Question


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I had a quick question regarding Battleline requirements and their interaction with allegiance.


Specifically, do units like Chaos Warriors marked as "Khorn" and "Mortal"  allow them to be used in a Bloodhound Army and count Blood Warriors also as battle line.

Is this list legal for competitive play?  I think yes but want to make sure I am not missing something.

Bloodsecrator (120)
Bloodstoker (80)
Mighty Lord Of Khorne (140)
Daemon Prince (160) Mark of Khorne

Blood Warriors x 10 (200)   Battle Line "Khorne Mortal"
Bloodreavers x 40 (240)  Battle Line "Khorne Mortal"
Khorgoraths x 1 (80)
Chaos Warriors x 10 (180)  Battleline, Mark of Khorne
Chaos Gorebeast Chariots x 2 (200)  Mark of Khorne
Chaos Warshrine x 1 (200) MoK
Chaos Knights x 5 (200) MoK
Chaos Knights x 5 (200) MoK


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Yay, go warshrine. This guy really goes under the radar for combat. Make sure you give it the rerolls to hit for combat before you charge it in. Nearly wiped out a prime with this guy in 1 round. Didn't as I forgot to give him the rerolls 

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War shrine is great with Bloodreavers as it gives them an extra +1 attack, if you keep them in range of the Bloodsecrator you can get em up to +3 attacks when he pops the portal.

The rule from having a totem nearby doesn't stack. You don't get it once from the Bloodsecrator and once more from the Warshrine.

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