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Where to Start with Terrain?


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Sort of Newbie here. Been doing historical gaming for years, and AOS has finally opened the door for me to jump into the Fantasy side of Warhammer. 

Bought the starter set last year. Kind of switched off due to the world seeming kinda bland early on. I got bored with the blood and ashen wasteland routine.

Lately I've got caught up on the Realmgate War hardbacks and wow!! Things have gotten sweet!

My question is where to start with terrain?

No way I'll be able to do all 8 realms. Also, I'm betting the next set of campaign books are going to start focusing less on the Stormcast Vs Chaos angle and more on the struggle of the free people's return...

Do I treat each realm like a campaign from WWII and focus on the forces and terrain that are in the books?

I already own tons of the typical Wargaming terrain in the typical green grass/forest scheme. It'd be great to be able to add another use for it before trying to build up a flame type scheme....

Just wondering  what you all are doing before I get too deep in....





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I'm a big fan of the terrain mats that various companies make. This is largely because I live in an apartment and have limited space. I've found that you can create sets of terrain which are designed and painted to look very good on a mat you have. One of the ones I have is a desert wasteland mat from FAT Mats, and I've made some ruined temples for it which would be perfect for AoS. This setting could appear in several of the Realms as it is kind of agnostic.

I could make some other pieces which feel like metal or some kind of ore to represent the metal Realm, or make impassable pits which have lava or pillars of fire or smoke coming out of them to represent the Realm of Fire. Even adding tree bases to the same mat could make for a more arid region in the Realm of Life, like a prairie-land or something. There is as much room for your imagination as you need to make probably any kind of terrain you would like. 

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