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Building a ruined Karak - Karak Reclaimers

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With the fantastic new Bugman model shown I was inspired to make the AoS version of his ancestors Bugmans Rangers. 

So obviously AoSifying and given that Bugman himself is Kharadron in aesthetic I've taken the thunderers and with mild conversions (mostly heads) made the Bugmans Specials, an elite mercenary unit that cannot be hired on their own, but arrive as bodyguard to shipments of Bugmans Special Ale.  

Also a Pack Yak for ferrying ale through holds.

Depending on how I enjoy painting them they may be the first unit in my Karak Reclaimers, a combined Duardin effort to reclaim the holds of old. 


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5 hours ago, silverstu said:

Very nice! Love the scheme and the Yak is excellent! Head from the lumineth mountain spirit and body from?

Body is a Rhinox, I may try mournfangs for the next ones as they’re easier to source but I had the bits for this one in my bits box 

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With the second wolf added here's the Bugmansson Warsled with magnetised rider for onfoot or mounted options.

On 11/27/2020 at 2:35 PM, silverstu said:

These are brilliant! You'rereally going to town on them! Love the sled! What head is that on Lara? 

Cheers, its one of the new Orlock wreckers

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10 hours ago, Ggom said:

Love em! Will u make a proper cavern/hold to clean house of skaven/baddies? Seems like a legit way to play some atmospheric skirmish games!

I'm working on adding rooms 3 at a time (a double tile big chamber, and 2 lesser chambers) the first three are the throne room (double), Tithe room (single) and Ancestral Tree (single). In the next set I'll likely do the foundry (double) and two points of incursion (skaven coming up, duardin tunnelling down)

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Work continued with much of the brass added to this half of the Throne room for my Duardin Hold board, hopefully the unifying colour scheme covers any issues with the 40k terrain blending with the AOS, next up is the brass on the upper pillars and the work on the throne



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