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Warcry - Khorne Bloodbound Discussion

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Looks like we don't have a thread specifically for Khorne mortals. I've found them to be powerful, but they can get outmaneuvered by certain warbands. Here's my quick impressions on the units:

Bloodreaver - Great core unit that does a bit of everything pretty well.

Khorgorath - One of the better melee bruisers in the game. Compares very favorably with the IG Breacher or the Mawtribes Irongut, for example.

Blood Warriors - Fine, but sortof unremarkable compared to other units in the 110-120 range.

Skullreapers - Running one is great because of the ability. They're pretty durable for their cost too. Not sure I would run two.

Wrathmongers - The base one is disappointing, but the champ, the Wrathmaster, is great.

Having access to the juggernaut riders would help this warband out a ton, but even as is they're pretty solid.

I put the rest of my thoughts in a video if anyone wants to take a look.

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I ran a warband with two Khorgorats and lots of blood reavers. It was fun.

Yes you are slow but you have serious punch in melee and a nice number of bodies on board.

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Having multiple Khorgis is pretty sweet. Plus there's a really good chance they're adding Skullcrushers into the game with the new GA books, which might fix this warband's slowness problem. 

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