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Ep. 8: Locke'd and Loaded (Ghoul Saga)


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It’s a Flesh-Eater Courts banquet! Join Falas (Black Ark Corsair), Frostglade (Kurnoth Hunter), and Okri (Aether-Khemist) as they investigate the abductions of the villagers and revelations about the Abhorrent Ghoul-King Lucius Locke.

In this Age of Sigmar Soulbound episode we show you how to use Soulfire, Mettle, Called Shots, and tracking Wounds! Get ready for carnage!



David Dryden (he/him) as the Dungeon Master AKA The Dave-Meister | @dwdryden
Dylan (she/her) as Meriss Honeysuckle the Trade Pioneer
Sam C (she/her) as Feryl the Stormcast Knight-Venator
Nikola Cadieux-Rusan (he/him)
as Okri Okrisson | @nikolarusan
Isaac Calon as Frostglade the Kurnoth Hunter
Murray C (he/him) as Falas Osses-Bosun | @MrScaryMuffin
Marielle (she/her) as Bort Jortsson | @iron_swan

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