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No Respite attack



Can someone tell me how exactly Blood Warriors No Respite ability works? The question is if Blood Warriors can attack twice in the same combat phase when they made their charge move and resolved their attack, then they've been target of attack. Do they can use No Respite ability, make a pile in move and attack second time in that combat phase with a slain models?

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They can pile in and attack a second time if they had already attacked before they are slained but it does not do much. The unit really needs help to be more on par with the newer warscrolls.  Chaos warriors are superior and cheaper. The double goraxes option is the worst right now for comparison:

It gives reroll 1s to hit for blood warrior on 3/4 but the double hand weapons on warriors gives them reroll all hits with 3/3

The only time I see Blood warriors in lists currently is as a tax to take certain battallions

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