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Warcry - Tzeentch arcanites


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I also had my first game with them yesterday.


Played two skyfires including leader, 3 arcanites and 3 Tzaangors.


I did not thought they were strong. The skyfires are nice but the rest lacks melee combat power.


Maybe a Tzaangor enlightened is superior to a skyfire. but I do not have the models for them. Maybe a gaunt summoner on disc would be nice when I finally dominate my first territory.

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I lack any of the Tzaangor Enlightened or Skyfires, so my 1k list (920 pts) has been:

1 Arcanite Leader -glaive/shield
1 Arcanite with bird
1 Arcanite with scroll - very nice ranged attack
1 Arcanite with glaive/shield
1 Arcanite with sword/shield
2 Tzaangor with two hand weapons
1 Tzaangor mutant
1 Tzaangor champion with 2-handed weapon

9 models fits the sacred number Tzeentch!  Overall it does alright.  I have numbers and all the Tzaangor have 15 or 20 wounds and move 5.  All the Arcanites have ranged attacks or can melee, but the one with the scroll has a great ranged attack and is perfect for the generic quad.  The Tzaangor champ is also a beast.  The 2" range on the 2-handed weapon and glaives is helpful at times and adds a little flexibility. 

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I've played  with both Tzeentch arcanites and Tzeentch Daemons, I like both, but I think arcanites actually might be a little stronger - or at least I enjoy playing them more.

I've discovered in the games I've played that the Arcanite with Scroll is essential to your roster. It had done arguably the most damage in my arcanite warcry games - it's very good. Having 4 attacks at strength 4 with 2/4 damage and having 4 toughness is GREAT!!! 

I like the skyfires, but I think they are overcosted for what you get - if their ability was a triple rather than a quad I'd consider taking them more. The enlightened on disc were better in my opinion, for a quad you can rampage them and they can tear through stuff - and the speed is good for objective/treasure taking. An enlightened + quad [rampage], is almost always pumping out more damage than the skyfires with their quad.

I really like tzaangors - they have okay move (better than arcanites) - good toughness, but not great damage (unless you take the two hander guy - he can wreck) - but they are great objective holders. Once you pop a few doubles for them though they can actually do some good damage. Having a boost to strength and attacks is quite a good double I think.

I don't take more than one Tzaangor on disc, I usually pass on Skyfires, and then always take at least 2 arcanites with scrolls - I cannot oversell have helpful they are to have. While people are locked in with your Tzaangor units, those guys sit back and shoot in a ton of damage. If you don't have enlightened then I would focus on Tzaangors and a few arcanites (the bird guy's ability won me a game one time by stopping a retreat towards an objective).

I liked the Gaunt Summoner previously, but he got a bit of a nerf in the new book and I think he is overcosted now.

The new books also give some good options to add leaders, I personally like the Fate Master.

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I think this Tzeentch Arcanites lists is completely bonkers.  I ran it through the MathHammer , would love to try it out, but collecting a Tzeentch Warcry army is a bit expensive. 

Fatemaster (10" flying, gives +1 melee attack to everyone in 9" bubble with no weird restrictions)

Tzaangor with Savage Greatblade (x2) (With Fatemaster's buff does average 7.3 wounds per activation!) 

Tzaangor with Pair of Savage Blades (x3)

Kairc Acolyte with Scroll of Dark Arts

Kairic Acolyte with Cursed Glave and Arcanite Shield (x2) (Good for sitting on objectives) 

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