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Your most disappointing unit in the game


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5 hours ago, Joseph Mackay said:

Most competitive players opinions summed up nicely 😂


1 hour ago, Neil Arthur Hotep said:

Nerf paper. Buff rock. Scissors are fine.

-Rock main

This tale was broguht to you curtesy of a Throne of Skulls tournament back in fantasy where I faced off a guy with Ogor Kingdoms and a huge block of Iron guts.

The gutstar was a thing.  I charged my Khorne halberd Chaos Warriors into it and through some lucky dice took out a fair chunk of it.

His attitude went really sour, I mean really sour . And then the marauder horsemen took out some of his chaff and tied up his Ironblaster.

He won, of course he did, but man, the amount of rules bending and bad sportsmanship was amazing from him.

You know when it's a case of "dude, you're just punching toy soldiers around for crying out loud...calm down"

But to answer the original question...

I suppose khorne in general.

Now, I'm takin this view from the perspective of having been a Khorne fan since the very first Realm of Choas :STD book.

For me the question is now what are they?

In my mind, cinematically, a khorne army is the one that everyone fears for the brutality of its fighters - all martially and physically powerful and unrelenting. Warhammer's Uruk Hai if you will.

For me, a lot of my khorne army is still STD, because I think that there is not enough is a blood warrior or reaver to make it a clear win over and above a marauder or a chaos warrior.  In a way, yes I can forgive that, but Khorne Hero's should be scary.  They should be very very scary and I'd be happy to take the point hit to have one.

I think it says a lot when your opponent's main goal is to wipe out your bloodsecrator before your general - unless you've parked an exalted thirster down or the khorne dragon of course.  So for me it has to be the Khorne Major Heroes. 

I suppose though this says more about my playstyle than the armies themselves.  I've always played defensively, so hordes of dudes with toothpicks that stab eleventy million times have always been passed over for heavily armoured or armed that hit fewer, but hit well and hard.  I'm one of those guys who rearely gets a good charge off, so I bank on not having the slam dunk and surviving what follows, but then, gods help you. 

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