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I have an old Lizardman army i'm in the process of rebasing for AoS, but i'm struggling to see how to make it competitive. Models I have to work with:


Old Blood on Foot

Scar Vet on Cold One

2 x Skink Priests

30 Saurus

45 Skinks

40 Temple Guard

Steg with Engine of the Gods

6 Saurus Cav


It was a fairly simple army in 8th but very powerful, as I ran the Slann as Lord Kroak.

The problem I have is that normal Saurus seem fairly uninspiring and Saurus Cav even less so for their points cost. Temple Guard are obviously better, but they cost ALOT of points. Just wondering what other Seraphon players are finding with the basic units above, do you need to run other Order units for buff reasons to make the above units work?





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You have all the pieces - you just need to bring the buffs and battalions together in a way that plays how you like it.  The units you have will be mostly very durable anvils instead of powerful hammers.  

You should check the Order sub forum, too for other discussions on various lists people have.



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Based on Matched/Pitched Play tournament style. If you're open play ignore this and just enjoy the game.

General opinion is that Cold One Cavs suck.


Slann is overpriced and brings very little since summoning was nerfed.

EOTG similar. Even if you control 4 dice, you'll want to aim to only get mortal wounds at range (6-9?) Or charge it up into melee range so the nova mortal wound power works. The EOTG summoning is NOT free.


However with that much infantry, I guess you just want some giant blob units (30+ models each). Maybe ~10-15 for Temple Guard.


Read the Battalions and pick your favorite based on models you have.


You could do a defensive blob Eternal Starhost (Temple Guard + Eternity Warden, maybe w/Skink Priest). And just plant some Skinks behind it for shooting.


March big blob of Saurus warriors towards objectives. Skinks can also shoot for them if you make a seperate unit.

You lack any of the hard hitters (Carnosaur, Bastiladon, Rippers) so you'll want to push your army in a foot-slog infantry direction with heroes to buff it.


You can try to proxy Slann as Kroak but he's expensive. One of our only ways to get mortal wounds though.


Use scrollbuilder website for points!

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The double love rather than run shouldn't be overlooked, it makes them very fast, and 120 for 5 makes them cheap by cavalry standards. It's just a shame their armour save is ridiculous considering how tough and armoured they are, and that spears don't give them much of a bonus.

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Something extremely useful you could do is convert 10 skinks into chameleon skinks. Just remove the Mohican and tail, dos round tail with green stuff and some rounds eyes, and some other stuff and there you go.

get your hand in an sun blood and eternal warden and u can set up a really nice eternal warhost with 20 guards supported by the eternal and 10 by the sun blood.

buy 1 start seer and 1 skink priest for some bugs, and that's half 3/4 roof an army

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