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1k Stormcast list, semi competitive


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I just wanted people's opinions of my 1k semi competitive (I hope) Stormcast.

lord Celestant (General) - extra attacks trait

lord castillant

knight venator (Extra damage artifact)

knight venator

10 Judicators with bows and 2 special bows (one on the prime)

5 Judicators with bows (prime has special bow)

3 prosecutors with spears (prime has trident)

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33 minutes ago, Forgebellows said:

No, it's not. I've never seen a list like yours before lol. Let us know how it turns out.

Based on the dumbfounded look of the guys at my FLGS when I said I wanted to try a ranged storm host, and the fact that no on the forum has posited the idea, I suspect it will not go well.

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I think the artefacts and traits are all for melee weapons. Check that out. I remember having the idea of a Venator with an artefact and seeing it wouldn't work.

For your list I'd recommend taking 6 more trident prosecuters instead of the 3rd judicator unit. That might be really interesting.

Otherwise I like the ranged idea. If I didn't have to paint up 20 judicators to try it I'd try a ranged heavy list. I'll wait until I slowly and naturally acquire judicators.


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I always lke a shooting avoidance list. My views are:

Castellant...MAYBE....reason being you can give a unit +1 armour save, which is always nice. But, if your choosing an all out shooting list then you generally don't want to see combat phase. 

Lord celestant i dont see too much synergy here. For your judicators they wont see any benefit from his buff as it's a combat phase only buff.

If its all out shooting you want, then i'd say stock up on Venators, judicators and prosecutors. I prefer hammer prosecutors, but that's just me. 


Would love to hear how your lost does anyway, i always respect someone who goes out with a list of their own and not the common 1 bomb lists.


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34 minutes ago, ernestern said:

The Knight-Azyros might be a good pick with his Illuminator of the Lost ability that would let his archers reroll 1's against enemies with 10" of him.

You know, I think you may be right, I just worry about him getting within 10 because if my guys don't mow the enemy down he is gonna get charged big time.

that said I like the guy overall.  The lantern is cool and I like the flying dudes.  I may pull the lords to put in another prosecutor squad (maybe 1 hammer squad and 1 spear just to see) and a knight azyros 

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11 minutes ago, Forgebellows said:

I agree with dropping the lord celestant and making the unit of prosecutors a 6 pack. I would go with spear and shield. Also, what about tempestors? Giving units that get to your lines a -1 to hit might come in handy.

I will definitely add Tempestirs when expanding to 1500 or 2000 but at 1k I want to try to keep my body count up so that I will have objective capturing power.

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