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Selling large DoK army lot, mostly unpainted.

The Red King

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I am located in the Southeastern United States and am looking to offload my DoK army. I picked them up when I first got into AoS because I had a lot of them I had used for my Dark Eldar, but as time went on I never actually played them or got into them and I moved onto other armies. I love their look but I can't justify holding onto 3 armies when I never get to play so here we are. Some of the witch aelves as you can see were converted from the attendants on the shrine and some that I got second hand have some damaged weapons but I will send all the sprues I have along with the purchase in the hopes you'll have more than enough weapons spare to fix that how you'd like. The above pictures are from when I posted the lot to R/Miniswap. The Cauldron and Khinerai have already sold The full list is:


Doomfire warlock ×10 $50 Blood stalkers ×10 $80  Witch elves ×57 $250


I'll also throw in 5 of the Raging Heroes snake women archers unbuilt as a freebie. I won't need them if the army sells after all.


Asking $400 shipped to anywhere in the Continental US, outside of that we'd have to discuss the shipping depending on how much it will cost but usually I am willing to split it 50/50.

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