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GWs All-Time Best Game Mechanics


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The Middle-Earth SBG's priority roll and turn structure (I-Move/You-Move, I-Shoot/You-Shoot, Fight!) keeps the benefits and hedge-your-bets competitive strategy of the double-turn while also eliminating the chance for a player in more-casual-games to sit there for twenty minutes doing nothing while their opponent gets to do everything twice in a row and blow half their army of the board. Best of both worlds! Plus, it improves the pacing of the game overall, with shorter stretches of player downtime.

Stop defending the double-turn. Start pushing for MESBG turn structure!

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I ll echo the battleround roll in warcry dictating at the same time priority but also generating command points for the battleround. It is simple yet clever and means it is not just about winning a priority roll as you may prefer an extra command point instead

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