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Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden

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Hello all and greetings from Sweden!

Old fantasyplayer returning for some of this lovely plastic crack and focusing a lot on the wonderful painting experience that is Warhammer. Had Ogors, Vampire Counts and Goblins in fantasy and mainly focusing on Legions of Nagash (Soulblight) and eventually going to continue my squigproject (With all those lovely new models, back in my days they were in finecast/metal 😄). 

Been lurking a while here and enjoying all the rumours and hobbyinspiration in this thriving community and probably going to post some progresspictures eventually to keep the motivation going.

Posting one of my Morghast that is one of my new favorite models :)

Looking forward to be a part of this community!

PS. Gief new Soulblights now!


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