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Which Faction has the best Battleline?

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There is no objective best of course but I love Tree Revenants, 240 points for all your battle line at 2000 points which means you can take basically 1800 points of elites,  they're, amazing at screening, sniping, taking objectives and generally being able to drop pretty much anywhere without your enemy being able to do anything about it

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On 7/28/2020 at 8:46 PM, LordCelestant Imperius 1st said:

What about dryads ? 30 of them is just really a hard block. Always near a wood for the -1 to hit and the ability to get  +1 to hit. Not cheap, not overcosted. Not a killing machine. Just does what a battleline should do. Hold the fu......g line.

Thoughts ?

Its really good tarpit but 

A) 300 points spent and still need 2 more battle line or 2000 points which for Sylvaneth is a minimum 120 extra if you take the cheapest option

B) If you take a Branchwraith you can get them for free, so why pay points for them at all? 

C) They're amazing in a wood sure but unless you've managed to get loads of woods out that restricts what you can do with them which is potentially quite a big issue for an army who wins through movement and unit placement 


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Haven’t even played a game with them, but I really like how the wardens look on paper from the lumineth faction. Long range on their spears to counteract their bigger base size, able to punch above their weight with mortal wounds, and the leader is a wizard able to cast spells to buff themselves or other units in the same army, or to use endless spells. And can toss a grenade of mortal wounds when you want, because they can.


I love them even more in a proper faction too. Being able to cast a spell that allows them to become Ethereal for a turn is absolutely golden, even without the -1 to hit with a shining company. These guys can be really survivable to normal damage when needed, which I really like.

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Bestigors are a great battle line choice. 4+ save, 4' pile in, +1 to run rolls, and they can run and charge. They get +1 attack on the charge (which you're highly likely to get) and +1 to hit against units with 10 or more models (re-rolling ones if you're chopping down order). This is all just on their war scroll, before  any synergies are considered.

Bestigors can gain 'Brayherd Ambush' for some turn one (or two in some cases) alpha strikes. You can add +3 to their movement from a bray shaman (totaling 9" movement, then a run roll that has +1, and then a charge on top). They're exceptionally maneuverable and can function well as a swift hammer unit, or as a solid block to hold onto a key objective.

Additional attacks can be granted using the Gavespawn greatfray, or by using chaos marks with some support units (or both!). 

Bestigors can fill so many different roles in an army - they move fast, they can get really choppy, and taken as a large block they can make a great defensive tar pit too.  I find that they usually die in droves, but they always get the job done. Just what's required from a battle line unit. 

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