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Don in Southeast Texas

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Hi, I’m Don. I live in Southeast Texas and have only played a couple games of AOS so far. I have been a fan of GW since Rouge Trader. I Love the art, minis, and lore GW have produced over the years. I grew up in a small town just outside of Savannah, Georgia and remember the first time I picked up a White Dwarf. A fantasy world filled with tattooed, orange Mohawk wearing dwarfs and green skins with the coolest accents I had ever read....awww yeah I was hooked! Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I moved to Orlando, Florida many years later that I actually had the opportunity to play on a regular basis. That was during Warhammer Fantasy 6th/7th. I played in a handful of tournaments during that time like the Direwolf and had a blast even though I was always at the bottom tables lol. I always enjoyed a thematic narrative based list. I left Florida and the hobby to go back to school, and after graduating moved to Southeast Texas just in time for The End Times. It took me a few years to get over my heartbreak from the world that was but over time I warmed up to the lore of AOS. I am currently working on painting a Cities of Sigmar Hallowheart army and converting A Slaves to Darkness mostly chariot army. Hopefully I will eventually find some AOS players in my area.


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