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The Lichemaster


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Deep within the Underworlds of Shyish 

The Crypt was dimly lit, a few candles set into bleached bones providing the only sources of light. This far below the surface, the air was laden with dust and difficult to breathe. Shuffling among the coffins and sarcophagi were the partially decayed remains of the newly interred and the disembodied souls of the long-dead. None of these things inconvenienced the lone Visitor who now made his way down the ancient halls. Softly mumbling in a foreign tongue, the Visitor moved ever deeper to the center of the crypt. Instinctively, the dead things followed along, sensing a kind of kindred spirit. Ever deeper the Visitor went, until he eventually reached the central chamber. At the center of which a great coffin of Blackest Obsidian stood. With an arcane command the Visitor unbound the seals holding the coffin shut and after a curt gesture the dead things worked to remove the slab from the coffin. As the Visitor approached a wicked voice rose from the coffin.

"At last, a new supplicant arrives, seeking to claim me and the power I contain. Tell me, who is it that seeks their own demise?"

A thin smile played over the Visitor's wizened face. 

"Who I am is of no consequence, my name irrelevant. If you wish to know me and hear of the legacy I command, you should ask me of the title I hold."

A grating laughter, the sound of bones chafing on bones echoed among the chamber's walls.

"Very well, I shall indulge your hubris this once, tell me of your title then, this legacy of yours."

"I am the Lichemaster."







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