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Staff of Azyr



Hi guys, the rules of the staff of azyr are stated as it follows


In your hero phase, if the bearer successfully casts any spells that are not unbound, subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks that target the bearer until your next hero phase.

Does this mean that if i cast 2 spells it stacks? 

Because it says any type of spells, not ANY NUMBER of spells, i am not a native, and in my translated battletome in seems like so

getting a -2 to get hit  on a tauralon could be interesting

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There was an answer in Core Rules FAQ:

Q: When the word ‘any’ is used in the criteria for an ability, 
how many times is that ability applied when the criteria for 
the ability are fulfilled? For example, if an ability said ‘Add 
1 to hit rolls for models that are within 6" of any models with 
this ability’, would I add 1 to the hit rolls of a model that was 
within 6" of three models with the ability, or would I add 3 to 
the hit rolls?
A: The word ‘any’ is treated as being synonymous with 
‘one or more’. In your example, this means that 1 would 
be added to the hit rolls, not 3.

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