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Just started painting my new Ironjawz

Aos with sam

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Hi I’m new to this community I’m eleven and I’ve just started painting my brand new Ironjawz start collecting box, is there any recommendations on painting.  Oops just realised I put this in the wrong thread.




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Welcome to AOS. Ironjawz are a great choice and really fun to paint and play.  Looks like you're an Ironsunz fan.

There is plenty of advice and tips in the painting and modelling section right here.  The Warhammer Youtube channel has some good basic "how to" painting guides and there are plenty of other painting tutorial channels for all levels.  Vince Venturella, for example, has some great tutorials.  He is a competition painter, but many of his tips are  useful for all levels of painting and his Wednesday night "Warhammer Weekly" show is well worth watching.  


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On 7/8/2020 at 6:10 AM, Aos with sam said:

Thank you I’m painting them like Ironsunz but playing the big waaagh ! I’ve nearly finished all ten Ardboys I’ve just finished the armour and touching up the skin I’m just about to do the weapons and shields and then just chainmail. :) 

That's pretty good going.  Having two alternative army allegiances is great; you can swap from one to the other for more variety.  Also gives you the excuse to buy some Bonesplitters, esp if you want some shooting.  The start collecting box is also a cheaper way to build up your army - the core of mine is three of them - then just get brutes, etc to taste.  

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