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GUIDE: Skirmish Play in Age of Sigmar

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Games Workshop have released rules for skirmish play using the Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar rule set. This allows you to play with a small selection of individual model instead of units, somewhat reminiscent of Mordheim. 
All rules in this post are extracted from the official Warhammer World events pack which can be found here.
The rules we will use to select our Regiments and play the games on the day are a unique blend of Matched, Open and Narrative Play. To make things easier to understand, we will refer to it as Skirmish Play. 
There are a few changes to how the game works in Skirmish Play: 
The Rule of Lordship: In Skirmish Play neither side has a General, and therefore does not have any Command Abilities, nor do Command Abilities work. These mighty skills and magical talents have great use in the field of pitched battles and mighty wars, but are less useful and overly powerful in much smaller battles. 
The Rule of Heroism: In Skirmish Play, all models are treated as individual units (ie. They move around and fight by themselves). It’s all about the unlikely heroes rather than large groups. 
The Rule of Sorcery: Wizards are rarely willing to pitch around in the mud after a battle, or be sent scouting to 
find enemy fortresses. Spells of any kind have no effect in Skirmish Play. 
The Rule of Terrain: In Skirmish Play the Mysterious Scenery rules are not in use and all games are played on a 4x4 table. 
The Rule of Carnage: In Skirmish Play, where models can end up fighting one-on-one a lot, a modifed version of Battleshock is in use. A test is taken when a model loses a Wound. When taking a Battleshock test, count the number of Wounds lost rather than models slain when making Battleshock tests. 
In order to take part in Regiment of Renown, you will need to choose a band of unlikely heroes to send out on a series of deadly and daring tasks. These warriors can be selected using the rules below and will form your Regiment. Note that while the full rules for how to select your Regiment are listed here, but you will need the General’s Handbook for a full set of points values and Faction lists. 
• Your Regiment must be chosen from a single Faction. 

• You may field individual models from the available 
Warscrolls, rather than full units (see below). 

• Your Regiment has a points limit of 100. 

• You must have a minimum of three models in your Regiment. 

• You must have a maximum of 20 models in your Regiment. 

• Only one model in your Regiment may have three or more Wounds. 

• Models may take any options that are available to them, but normal restrictions still apply – for example you would still need to have ten Savage Orruks before a Big Stabba could be taken. 

• You may not take Leaders, Artillery or Behemoth models in your Regiment. 

• You may not take unit leaders (Bosses, Sergeants, Veterans and so on). 

• No model may have better than a 4+ Armour Save. 

Every company, no matter if they are made of murderous cut-throats or honourable knights, has a Leader. The Champion knows the plan (or pretends to) and inspires his followers on to mightier deeds. You may choose any model from your Regiment to be your Champion. 
Your Champion gains the following Ability: 
With me! 
Destined to lead, your Champion plunges into the fray. Your Champion, and all friendly models within 3”, may re-roll their charge ranges. 
Skirmish Play uses Pitched Battle battleplans. 
In order to work out how many points an individual model is for this event, simply divide the number of models in the minimum size of the unit by it’s given points value. 
For example, a unit of 10 Skaven Clanrats is worth 60 Points. 
This means 1 Clanrat is worth 6 Points.

If there is a remainder, then simply round down. 
Spite Revenant 20
Tree Revenant 20
5 Dryads 60
Decimator 40
Judicator 32
Liberator 20
Crypt Horror 46
5 Crypt Ghouls 50
Savage Boarboy 24
3 Savage Orruks Morboyz 36
2 Savage Orruks 20
2 Savage Orruks Arrowboys 20
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