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Mengel Miniatures

The Myth of Modeling for Advantage

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We've all heard the term "Modeling for Advantage" before when people talk about conversions, and yes, I'm sure there are some people who would actually do this. Is it really worth the trade off of the stigma this term can bring though?

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Nice article. I don't think I've seen conversions where people were modeling for advantage, but more people asking about sizes of models so they don't accidentally create an advantage.

Then there is also things like the Bloodthirster, which has increased in size in the course of the years.


The one on the left is going to feel a little lost on the base size of the right one, but they all are (I think) models sold as Bloodthirsters.

Or, of course, the Dwarves, that were markedly shorter when they were still metal. Do they all need a stool to fight from, do we boost the entire base, or do we leave it be?

Confusion is always the main issue, I was, for instance, changing up High Elf Griffins to be both types of Phoenixes, because I had a lot of griffin themed stuff going on. They should be quite distinct from the General on Griffin, especially if that General has the same weapons.

Some units can be quite similar, like Ironbreakers and Longbeards with shields, or the Freeguild General and a Greatsworder (or the leader of the Guard) or various Stormcast units.

That makes is quite hard to model for them. This lad with armour and a greatsword on a 25mm base, is he a General? Is he a Greatsword? Is he a Guard captain? The last one could have less armour, but I usually try to make my leaders seem a bit better equipped than the rest of my unit, so it isn't perfect. I luckily have the old General, which stood out a lot more, but with the new one it can be quite an issue. An opponent mistaking a General for a guard could have quite an impact in the game.

If I'm making, for instance, a Gyrocopter, there's not much that's in the area that's going to be confusing. Gyrobombers maybe, but that's easily solved by not putting too many bombs on it. Noone is going to think it's a Kharadron Gunhauler or Phoenix, so I have more options. I make sure to have the thing be about the same size as the other Gyrocopter I have though.

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Nice article! I would definitely encourage people to play their conversion as well, but like @zilberfrid mention I always try to avoid confusion. The way I found it is to often be really faithful to the original model.

I have converted a few Chaos Warshrine and they're all on Stardrake bases. On one hand I will be "gaining" because of the range increase if I still use my base size to measure the aura, on the other more people can get in contact with me and that will probably cause me to die quicker. I haven't played with it yet, but clearly I might reduce the aura range from the start just to avoid some people complaining about it, specially since that's not the reason I've converted the model !

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