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People that have played Age of Sigmar!!!! Help!

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So... I am a old school 40k player. Co-vid is here and I am stuck inside until things start to become normal again. 

Since being stuck in... I have created a 4 by 4 war gaming table to play on. This is  for small 500 point age of sigma battles, and I have began painting the soul wars box set. I do have the core rules and playing open games it is quite easy. But soon I will want to choose a faction to play and personalise it for myself. 

So my main question is in club/tournament games where hard rules apply, how mixable are the factions?

For example if I was playing a Destruction alliance, and I tabled an Ork and Gloomspire  team would this be allowed, if so would it be weak?

Please feel free to use your own experiences with different alliances.  

Thanks for help Radical

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