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what to buy to start?


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Coming from a new AoS player, i have quickly realized that its much more in depth then my friends wanted to play, Warcry however seems perfect for us, i love to paint smaller armies and different armies and this will give me the chance to painting all of my friends warbands, and with 4-5 of us we will have plenty of options to play.  Anyway if you were totally new to warcry what would you purchase to start?

Warbands aside(later in post) What should i buy to start? i see theres an older starter set being sold from multiple people for around 250$, this includes iron golems, untamed beast(both of which i was going to buy) terrain and cards, is this still a good buy? or should i look into purchasing a rulebook/Ravaged Lands: Defiled Ruins/and warbands seperatly? I see the value of the starter set getting the terrain and cards, but i also see that 2 warabands 50ea, and terrain 90$? and a core book still is 250$, so im asking for your help.

Also is there anywhere to find the builds of current warbands like SCE? or do i need to buy the cards to figure out my build? \

ANY help is appreciated, i just made a bad financial choice when starting AoS and dont want to do the same for warcry, looking for what you guys would do if you started today.

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1) are you playing home or at a club/shop? 

If you play at the local club/shop, you can use mat and scenery from there, you don't need to buy them.
If you play home, you need a mat and some sceneries. You can buy some kit (mat+scenery) from gw store, or you can make them by yourself. 
I would suggest you the starter box (150€) only if you find it at its original price (150€, I don't know in $), otherwise it doesn't deserve.

Anyway, you need to buy 2 books:
- rulebook: core rules
- tome of champions: there are updates for cards profile, missions, campaigns, etc.. . This book will be edited each year in December, it is like the general handbook for AOS.

There is another book, which is "monster and mercenaries". It is not mandatory, but it is interesting if you want to add some mercenary (most are heroes) to your warbands, or you want to play in narrative way using monsters like chimera or giant spider from goblin.

2) do you like creating by yourself scenery? 

If yes, you can build sceneries and a mat by yourself



There were 2 wave of warband cards release and some realeased in the white Dwarf magazine. 

First: stormcast vanguard, Legion of nagash, goblin, ironjawz, bonesplitterz, daughters of khaine, idoneth deepkin, skaven, nighthaunt, flesh eater

Second: ogre, khorne, slaanesh, tzeentch, nurgle, slave to darkness, beast of chaos, sylvaneth, kharadron, ossiarch

White dwarf: fyreslayer, lumineth (#454)

Cards of the first wave are now sold out, but you can find them in the book "tome of champions" 

As far as the second wave of warband is concerned, cards should be still available

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I found the starter perfect for getting started - the terrain, boards, and cards all just work together nicely (also dice, ruler, and box that fits everything is handy). Only reason I could see not to get the starter would be if you don't want Iron Golems and Untamed Beasts or if it's too expensive. You said you want those warbands so no issues there. $250 is a great price if it's Australian or NZ dollars. Not so much if US. I just had a quick look on eBay and found one new for the same price GW was charging (AU$280) so hopefully if you shop around you should be able to get it for close to the old retail price.

I find this handy for researching builds:

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